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Options dialog, input section. Non-standard listview behavior

tim copperfield

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I have heard 6.0.4 fixed the recordings window listview issue on deleting items.

While I was in Options/Input dialog I noticed the same problem when deleting multiple keyboard hotkeys.


How to reproduce:

1) Enable Learn mode

2) Press some unique keys to assign to a function, e.g. "Always on Top"

3) After the list contains several entries, go to last entry and press 'Delete'


What happens:

Cursor jumps to the top of the list


What should happen:

Cursor remains at the bottom of the list (last row) after deletion.


EDIT: Actually, the problem is worse, after each deletion (even if cursor is in the middle of listview), it jumps back to the section header (In this case "Always on top") instead of remaining at the deleted position - 1

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14 hours ago, tim copperfield said:

What happens:

Cursor jumps to the top of the list


Actually it's a treeview with three levels (group -> action -> event) and the focus jumps to the parent. I've changed it now so that the focus jumps to the next sibling, if available, or if not, to the previous sibling, if available, or if not to the parent.

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