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Inconsistency in recording indicator in DVBViewer

tim copperfield

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tim copperfield

I thought I was crazy when after upgrade the 'record' button on toolbar changed colors from gray to red, but now I see there's another problem related to this (intended?) change.


When channel is recording, a red record icon overlay is visible in taskbar.


However, the menubar record icon is gray.


I'm not sure what the point was of changing the button on menu (it got inverted after 6.0.4.x update), so it should either go back to original gray/red when idle/recording OR the recording indicator icon in taskbar should be changed accordingly. now its not consistent and confusing to the user.

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3 hours ago, tim copperfield said:

I'm not sure what the point was of changing the button on menu (it got inverted after 6.0.4.x update),


There was no change. It was always like that.


Red tool button in the tool bar -> start recording of the currently played channel.

Gray button in the toolbar -> the currently played channel (!) is recorded so you can't start another recording of the same channel in this way. If you click the gray button a menu for stopping / deleting / playing the recording shows up.

Red (REC) sign in the DVBViewer statusbar or taskbar -> DVBViewer is currently recording (any channel).


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      The search order looks correct, but clicking the entry shows  completely different results in Details.
      The "hover over" content however looks OK (it is the program in question as noted by Event Title and description.
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      What should happen:
      Cursor remains at the bottom of the list (last row) after deletion.
      EDIT: Actually, the problem is worse, after each deletion (even if cursor is in the middle of listview), it jumps back to the section header (In this case "Always on top") instead of remaining at the deleted position - 1
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