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hbbtv - Plug-in missing

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i cant see any content on hbbtv submenu and i see "Plug-in missing"

what is missing? i installes hbbtv engine and channel have red symbole

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Thanks, it is the application/oipfSearchManager which is not set to invisible. So the html renderer shows a missing plugin message. I fixed this. In the next version you won't see the error message anymore. Besides that the application (http://www.replaytvmhp.rai.it/hbbtv/launcher/RemoteControl/index.html?delivery=0) does not do anything. Which needs a few more tests from my side.


Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input
script20180702_032805PM.js:302Uncaught TypeError: Object http: has no method 'startsWith'
about:blank:1Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input
"                  __---__                         ______
                 /    ___\_             o  O  O _(      )_
                /====(_____\___---_  o        _(    RAI    )_
               |                    \        (_  AI-YAI!!!   )
               |                     |@        (_  Shot      _)
                \       ___         /           (__  Again!__)
   \ __----____--_\____(____\_____/                (______)
   /              /    \____/)_
                /        ______)
               /           |  |
              |           _|  |
        /                    *   *   \
       /   *     *                    \
      / *                              \
          |                        |
          |                        |

This is what the debugger says ? 

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Okay, the https page of the application needs a valid certificate. I made a work around and open the main page instead of the loader.  You should now be able to open the hbbtv services. I did not checked their content, but it loads at least. I assume the videos won't play properly, caused by their proprietary DRM.

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The hbbtv.xml file will be downloaded from our server and this one contains all the information required for the hbbtv browser.

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