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DiSEqC setting is not changing switch ports


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OS: Windows 11
DVB-S2 PCI-E card:1x  TBS6982
Driver version
Diseqc Switch: 2x Venton 418-P
LNB: 3x ALPS twin
Software: DVBViewer Pro 
Software: DVBViewer Transedit

TBS6982 card has 2 tuners, both tuners have there own DiSEqC Switch (Venton 418-P) and each Switch is connected to 3 LNB's (ALPS twin LNB)


Trasnedit and DVBViewer Pro are not generating the correct DiSEqC command so that the Diseqc Switch would switch ports. 


Test hardware setup:
I simplified my setup for testing purpaces and did the following tests to confirm my suspision:
Connected only to 1 tuner (tuner port B) to 1 switch, connected that switch to 2 LNB's (Input A & B of the switch)
A to Sat 23.5
B to Sat 19.2


Test software setup:
Using the software Transedit locally and without DVBViewer media.
I added both tuners in Transedit > settings > hardware where all groups (A to H) are selected and tuner A is disabled.
Added transponder list for 19.2 and 23.5 and both are set to group A.
The DiSEqC settings are set as following and apllied and saved:
23.5 > Pos A/Opt A
19.2 > Pos B/Opt A


Within transponder list 23.5 I select frequency 12363 (free to air) and I "Scan selected", positive result 
Within transponder list 19.2 I select frequency 11347 (free to air) and I "Scan selected", negative result 


Keeping everything as discribed in "Test software setup", the same 
I only change DiSEqC to Pos B/Opt A, apply and save and I "Scan selected" with positive result.
change DiSEqC to Pos A/Opt B, apply and save and I "Scan selected" with positive result.
change DiSEqC to Pos B/Opt B, apply and save and I "Scan selected" with positive result.
>> It seems that it does not matter what the DiSEqC is set to it always end up on port A of the switch.


from here on I disconnect cable from the switch that leads to LNB Sat 19.2 and moved the cable that leads to LNB Sat 23.5 from input A to input B othen Switch and change DiSEqC settings in Transedit software accordingly and selected apply and save;
So to some up:
Switch port A = not connected
Switch port B = connected to LNB Sat 23.5 and with DiSEqC settings Pos B/Opt A
Within transponder list 23.5 I select frequency 12363 (free air) and I "Scan selected", negative result
Negative result is also true with any other DiSEqC setting with this setup


I switch to the second Diseqc Switch with same results.
I both a brand new Diseqc Switch and repeated the test process with same results.


I contacted TBS (maker of the DVB-S2 PCI-E card).
With their help we could reproduce the issue.
But when using two other software packeges (DVB Dream & TSreaderpro) there where no problem switching between the Diseqc Switch ports.


So, I could use some help finding out why DVBViewer and Transedit doesn't sen the correct commands to make the Diseqc Switch change ports.

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Please perform the following steps:

  • In TransEdit select Info -> Configuration Folder (opens an Explorer Window).
  • Close TransEdit.
  • Open the file TransEdit.ini from the configuration folder with a text editor (Notepad) and search the [Hardware] section.
  • Make sure that for each TBS tuner there is a Vendor.x=31 entry (where x is the tuner number 0, 1, 2...). If the vendor code is not 31 (= TBS), correct it and attach your TransEdit.ini here.
  • For each DVB-S tuner there is a line DiSEqCCount.x=1. It specifies how often DiSEqC commands are sent. Increase these values to 2 or even 3 for one or two repetitions.
  • Save the changes, relaunch TransEdit and try...

DiSEqC only works if the device has been detected correctly as TBS, because it requires a TBS-specific handling. Additionally there may be a timing issue. TBS devices switch the LNB power off when they are not used. When a scan starts, the power is switched on. However, a subsequent DiSEqC command may be sent too early, before the voltage has reached a stable state or the switch has completed its power-up procedure, so that the command gets lost. Repeating the DiSEqC command usually fixes this issue.


For DVBViewer it can be handled in a similar way by editing the file hardware.xml in the configuration folder. I think you will see what has to be done without further explanation.


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Many Thanks Griga,

Clear instructions and with great success, I have applied it to Transedit, DVBViewer Pro and finally to DVBViewer media which made it possible for Transedit and DVBViewer Pro to connect remotely.

It is still a mystery why it work for years without issues, could a software and/or driver update be the cause? Also the whole debacle resulted in wasted time and money (new switch and cables)

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