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Convert Frequency list from NextPVR XML to Transedit


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I have Silicondust Hdhomerun Prime device and am able to tune in and watch channels using NextPVR, but I am not able to get DVBiewer to scan the channels. I have use the standard America_ATSC and America_Cable ini files in the transponder folder without any success.


I am in the US and I have exported all my frequencies from NextPVR in XML format and I am attaching it. Hopefully someone can help convert these frequencies to Transedit compatible ini file.


I am using Transedit 3.9.0 and DVBViewer Pro 5.0.


I have tried all the settings without success.


Attached are also the screenshot from Transedit 3.9.0 and the exported frequency list from NextPVR.





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Did TransEdit detect the tuner as "Cable", or did you change it? "Cable" is suitable for DVB-C, but not for ATSC Clear QAM. AFAIK it must be set to "ATSC", and some additional configuration work (also concerning the driver) may be required: Read more about it here.


In the meantime the handling of the 1750 kHz offset mentioned here has been fixed resp. unified. In ATSC mode TransEdit and DVBViewer always subtract it from the frequency before passing it to the driver (assuming the driver will add it again :)).

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Thanks Griga,


I am able to tune to all the channels for my provider Verizon FiOS.


Now I have a new problem, which is that I am not able to view none of the encrypted channels. I can watch all free over the air channels, but not the encrypted channels.

I have already activated my card and I can watch free and encrypted channels with the hdhomerun utility that was shipped with the device as well as with NextPVR or Windows Media Center. I prefer to use DVBViewer instead of any of the other programs.


I launched DVBViewer in debug mode and I am attaching the file named debug from data folder on my windows 7 x64 machine.


I noticed something, which is that when switching channel, DVBViewer does not seem to be communicating with the utility that was shipped with the device because I keep refreshing the log but there is no change. But if I use NextPVR or the HDHomerun utility I will message like the following:


20130330-04:31:59 CableCARD: Tuner0: vchannel 628 (123MHz-659) access = subscribed20130330-04:32:09 CableCARD: Tuner0: vchannel 650 (393MHz-731) access = subscribed20130330-04:32:18 CableCARD: Tuner0: vchannel 100 (447MHz-118) access = subscribed20130330-04:32:20 CableCARD: Tuner0: vchannel 100 (447MHz-118) access = subscribed20130330-04:32:22 CableCARD: Tuner0: vchannel 100 (447MHz-118) access = subscribed20130330-04:32:52 CableCARD: Tuner0: vchannel 628 (123MHz-659) access = subscribed20130330-04:33:51 CableCARD: Tuner0: vchannel 600 (231MHz-683) access = subscribed

Thanks in advance for helping with this issue.


PS: I am using a Windows 7 x64 and DVBViewer 5.0


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DVBViewer doesn't explicitely support receiving encrypted channels with HDHomeRun devices.


However, I guess Windows Media Center doesn't either, so it may be a question of configuring something appropriately for DVBViewer - dunno. I can't find anything about this topic in the HDHomeRun Development Guide.

Maybe the HDHomeRun support can help you. Some time ago we tried to start an information exchange with Silicondust, but got no reply. It seems they are not really interested in supporting / being supported by DVBViewer ;)

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Hello again Griga,


Did you ever asked Lars about my question as I am really desperate to get this working. I have asked Silicondust but still waiting for an answer. I know one though thing, which is that NextPVR, XBMC, Windows Media Center, VLC can all play free and encrypted channels on the same PC running Windows 7 x64.


What can we do to get this working. I can conduct any test that you would like me to do. At the moment all the free to air channels are working and recording fine.


Thank you for your support and help.

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Hello again Griga,


Look what reply I got from Silicondust HDHomerun forum from jasonl. Here is the link to his reply: http://www.silicondust.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=14946&p=87232#p87232


I am quoting his reply:

They're more than welcome to add support for it. Non-copy-protected channels can be accessed via 3 primary methods, either libhdhomerun, DRI, or DLNA. libhdhomerun probably makes the most sense from a development time perspective. Because of how decoding works with the CableCARD, tuning is done by virtual channel number, which isn't the same way an ATSC/DVB/QAM tuner would work, so it's not really possible to reuse the existing framework to do it.


I very much appreciate DVBViewer's team commitment on this and thank you in advance for your attention.

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Did you ever asked Lars about my question

Yes, I've already posted the reply above.


In consideration of the reply in the Silicondust HDHomerun forum, I'll ask him if it is possible do something about it.

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We do use the BDA interface they provide.

Since I don't have access to such an device, I can't implement the other stuff. I remember several requests to silicondust to provide a sample device but we got no answers to this...

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Hello Team DVBViewer,


Can you please initiate again the process and let what happens, because they are ready to work along on this issue. Many US based DVBViewers would like to have this issue resolved so that we can continue to enjoy this wonderful piece of software.


Thank you again for your continued effort.

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