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TransEdit 4.2.4: crash on Teletext/Subtitle Analyzer

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That link works, and I could spot the problem. A classical (unhandled) buffer overflow. It's a general teletext parser issue and may occur with all kinds of teletext, not only with your sample.


Thanks for the report and the sample. Please check your PMs.


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    • daniel2
      By daniel2
      I have problem with TransEdit v. and ATSC 8VSB WinTV-HVR 950Q tuner.
      I don't see "Bandwidth" option anymore and I have error "Invalid or incomplete input".
      For example, in TransEdit v3.9.8.0 I can choose "bandwidth" and no problem to add channel.
      Please check attached screenshots for both versions.
      I'm using Windows 10 x64.
      Please suggest.

    • EddDeDuck
      By EddDeDuck
      100% Crash (multiple devices) tuning 28.8E Satellite in UK 
      *Bug Reduction:* 
      Tested on iPhone 8 Plus & iPad Pro 10.5" with similar results. 
      iPhone 8 Plus -> iOS 11.2.2 - wifi (no internet available). iPad Pro 10.5 -> iOS 11.0  - wifi (no internet available). SELFSAT IP21-> Satellite tuner used. Free Windows Sat>IP application found on satip.info website runs tuning without crashing  
      *Steps to reproduce:* 
      Open Sat>IP Viewer Select Settings -> Search Channels Select Astra 28.8E and start the scan The scan will run between 1 and 5 minutes and progress between ~30% and ~90% of the progress bar. The app will then crash back to Springboard No channels are saved and you need to restart the scan again.  
      *Reproduction Rate:* 
      Attempted 4/4 crash on iPad and 10/10 crash on iPhone 8. Total of 14/14 crashes attempting tuning.
      *Estimate on time to reproduce:* 
      Initial test takes about 5 minutes including installation. Repeated tests can take a minute if it crashes early. While doing these tests I also encountered a few crash on launch issues but these seem to be unrelated to the main problem.
      (/) *Expected Result:* 
      I can complete a tune of the satellite on 28.8E without it crashing
      (x) *Actual Result:* 
      Cannot tune Sat>IP on 28.8E
      (!) *Regression:* 
      New purchase of the app so no regression possible.
      (i) *Workaround:* 
      No workaround found. I am a developer so I can test a TestFlight build or provide logs on request to help debug this issue.
    • userip
      By userip
      After a lot of time requesting the Streaming button in the TransEdit tool, finally the last version 4.2.1 has it! THANK YOU! :-)
      Now, I have another suggestion. If you use SAT>IP servers as your tuners, you know for sure that a lot of servers doesn't support the Full Transport streaming. Yes, almost all support "pids=all", and this it's great. However, when the TS has a high bandwidth, or it goes over a specific bitrate, in this case the resulting RTP streaming has a lot of Continuity Errors. This, isn't a problem for the internal Analyzer of the TransEdit, as the PSI tables can be readed multiple times. However, if you like to do an streaming, this can be a problem.
      So, here it's my suggestion: At time, when you select with the mouse multiple pids in the Analyzer and you start the streaming (CTRL+S), then you're sending only the selected pids. And this it's great! Thank you! However, the TransEdit are in fact receving the full TS. So the filtering it's internal. But, if you include in the configuration some option, it should be possible to request to the tuner to only send the selected pids. And when the streaming stops, or some change occurs in the pid list, then update the list (and when no streaming, then restablish the "pids=all").
      This will be a must have for SAT>IP servers! With this any external tool can be used for TS analysis, using the TransEdit as a TUNER.
      Please, consider it.
    • allanlee
      By allanlee
      Updated to DVBViewer Pro 6.0.4, DMS 2.0.4 and TrandEdit 4.2.1
      If there's an ongoing recording in DMS , it will "grab" the tuner from DMS without any warning or notification.
      At the meantime however, DMS "Status" tab still displays as normal (except for data rate decreasing and file size remaining the same). Seems that it does not even know the tuner what "robbed" away by TransEdit.
      See this behavior in 2 of my PCs. Is it a new - "feature" - of the new version? In previous versions TransEdit will tell me something like "Initialize device failed" or "No hardware available".
    • ss1704
      By ss1704
      Guten Tag!
      Wenn ich mit TransEdit (Version ) eine/mehrer Senderlisten neu erstelle (einen neuen Satellit scannen und  exportieren) und diese dann in den DVBVierer/Pro importiere, funktionieren diese, solange ich den DVBViewer/Pro ( nicht beende. Sobald DVBViewer neu gestartet wird, sind die neuen (frisch importierten) Listen verschwunden.
      In TransEdit:
      - scannen + exportieren
      1) Sendelisten-Editor
      2) Importieren (unten links "+")
      3) Übernehmen
      --> neue Sat/Senderliste wird angezeigt und funktioniert ...
      sobald DVBViewer/Pro neu gestartet wird, fehlen die  neue(n) Senderlisten.
      was mache ich falsch?
      Danke für einen Hinweis!
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