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TransEdit: idea - to indicate, that the table is complete (all sections collected)

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Sorry for bothering again, but I thought that it's maybe worth to share another idea ;)


In fact TransEdit is already aware how many sections are in the basic tables, like PAT, SDT, NIT etc., because it anyway needs this data (visible in Table Stats). Cycle time & sections received combined for every section as an confirmation, that it was collected - together (I think) could be a base for an interesting diagnostics feature: an indication if table is complete and all sections have been collected.


How this could work?


Now icons for tables ("P" for PAT, "C" for CAT, "N" for NIT etc.) are always on a green background.

After this change at the start of analyze - icons would be blue and they would turn green when all sections would be collected.


A mockup below (SDT Other, BAT and EIT Other P/F are yet incomplete):



This could be evolved even further with some simple configuration, that if for example NIT Other was not collected for longer than 10s, this would mark the icon with red background.

This wouldn't be of course a full TR 101 211, because check would occure only once, but still a pretty nice feature, which could help to distinguish easier issues on broadcasters side from DVBViewer ones.


If idea is too far from the scope of TransEdit, fully understand, thanks for reviewing ;)

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Please note: Since looking after DVBViewer Pro and the DVBViewer Media Server occupies most of my time, I can't focus on TransEdit development anymore as in the past. Nevertheless there will be updates from time to time, containing fixes and enhancements that TransEdit inherited from DVBViewer or that came in because TransEdit served as experimental platform for DVBViewer development.


There are only few exceptions, particularly features that can be implemented with little effort and minor code changes.


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