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TransEdit Aufnahmegröße einstellen?

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nachdem ich einige Aufnahmeprobleme mit dem Viewer bei sehr hohen Datenraten hatte/habe, nutze ich jetzt auf Hinweis aus dem Forum hier TransEdit auch zum aufnehemen. Ich teste noch und habe eine Frage.


Gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Aufnahmegröße vorab festzulegen? Ich nehme mal an nicht ... ich meine Start Recording und meinetwegen 1000 MB eingeben und danach stoppt das Recording.

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Nein, TransEdit hat keinerlei Automatisierung was die Aufnahmen angeht. Und es ist auch nichts in der Richtung geplant.


Aufnahmen im DVBViewer oder RS ohne das der Inhalt gleichzeitig wiedergegeben wird sollten eigentlich auch nie ein Problem sein.

Aber auch da kann man nur die Zeit und nicht die Dateigröße wählen.

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Schade. Aber okay, dachte ich mir.

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    • sir drake
      By sir drake
      Hallo Griga,
      ich möchte ein meinem Programm neben dem CHANNEL-NAME auch die Quelle( SAT/Internet...HLS Deutsch....)  einer Aufnahme anzeigen.
      In einem TIMER-RECORD habe kann ich hierfür den Node  <CHANNEL ID> zerlegen und benutzen.
      In einem RECORDING-RECORD habe ich nur den Node >CHANNEL>xxxx</CHANNEL>
      Das reicht leider für meine Zwecke nicht aus.

      <recording id="98" charset="255" start="20181021195500" duration="001000">
      <channel>Das Erste</channel>
      <channel ID>1234567890</channel ID>
      d:\_aufnahmen\2018-10-21_19-59-23_das erste_tagesschau.ts
      Vielleicht kannst du diesen Node optional beim Aufruf hinzufügen:
      vg & Dank 
      Sir Drake
    • daniel2
      By daniel2
      I have problem with TransEdit v. and ATSC 8VSB WinTV-HVR 950Q tuner.
      I don't see "Bandwidth" option anymore and I have error "Invalid or incomplete input".
      For example, in TransEdit v3.9.8.0 I can choose "bandwidth" and no problem to add channel.
      Please check attached screenshots for both versions.
      I'm using Windows 10 x64.
      Please suggest.

    • userip
      By userip
      After a lot of time requesting the Streaming button in the TransEdit tool, finally the last version 4.2.1 has it! THANK YOU! :-)
      Now, I have another suggestion. If you use SAT>IP servers as your tuners, you know for sure that a lot of servers doesn't support the Full Transport streaming. Yes, almost all support "pids=all", and this it's great. However, when the TS has a high bandwidth, or it goes over a specific bitrate, in this case the resulting RTP streaming has a lot of Continuity Errors. This, isn't a problem for the internal Analyzer of the TransEdit, as the PSI tables can be readed multiple times. However, if you like to do an streaming, this can be a problem.
      So, here it's my suggestion: At time, when you select with the mouse multiple pids in the Analyzer and you start the streaming (CTRL+S), then you're sending only the selected pids. And this it's great! Thank you! However, the TransEdit are in fact receving the full TS. So the filtering it's internal. But, if you include in the configuration some option, it should be possible to request to the tuner to only send the selected pids. And when the streaming stops, or some change occurs in the pid list, then update the list (and when no streaming, then restablish the "pids=all").
      This will be a must have for SAT>IP servers! With this any external tool can be used for TS analysis, using the TransEdit as a TUNER.
      Please, consider it.
    • corvy
      By corvy
      I have many recordings in both MediaPortal and DVBlink that I would like to import. I have successfully imported from Mediaportal to DVBLink but how can I import to DVBViewer media service? Is there any way to do this? I have been contemplating to change the XML file names to TXT and do the import tool from the desktop client. Any ideas? 
    • tim copperfield
      By tim copperfield
      The listview used for EPG search results allows sorting up/down by clicking headers.
      The sorting appears to sorta work - clicking 'Start' for example, attempts to sort by date + time, resulting with listview showing correct data.
      However, clicking each individual EPG entry in the sorted list results in different dates/program names being displayed.
      How to reproduce:
      1) Search for anything in EPG
      2) Try sorting by start time (for example)
      3) Try clicking various results and compare "Event" title and time/date with the ones shown in "Details" tab below.

      Here, the EPG is searched, and sorted by start time, ascending.
      The search order looks correct, but clicking the entry shows  completely different results in Details.
      The "hover over" content however looks OK (it is the program in question as noted by Event Title and description.
      EDIT: There appear to be other sort order issues (i.e. sorting by station name doesn't appear to alphabetically sort it, either), but I think incorrect metadata issue needs to be addressed first.
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