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IPTV not working in DVBViewer Pro 5.6.4

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First of all, I want to thank the creators for this software, I like it very much.


Can I use it as a player for IPTV?


When I press "Playback" -> "Open Media File..." than choose "playlist.m3u" (attached), application shows the list of channels, but when I press "Play" it shows nothing and message "No playback" at the bottom of the window.


Both VLC Player and TransEdit 4.1.2 works with this playlist with no problems.


Is there any solution?


Sorry for my English.


P.S. Also I have an issue when I change to a channel with no signal application freezes for 5-10 seconds.





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Thank you.


And what about the second issue which is not related to IPTV? I mean swithing to a channel on transponder with no or weak signal freezes application up to 10 seconds.


Could anybody reproduce it on your systems?

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DVBViewer GE (see download area, read the ReadMe!) supports this kind of IPTV. Simply drag & drop the M3U file into the channel list window. DVBViewer Pro will support it in the next release.

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Thank you very much.


Could you say something about the second problem I mention above?

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I guess it happens when you are using the TechnoTrend S2-3200. The driver works like this. The tune call does not return until the tuner gets a signal or times out. I know this very well because I have this box :)


BTW: Your TBS 6522 card has not been detected correctly, because it was not yet contained in the hardware database when DVBViewer 5.6.4 was released. See configuration folder\hardware.xml. The vendor entries for both tuners are


<entry name="Vendor">0</entry>

but should be


<entry name="Vendor">31</entry>


Correct it with a text editor while DVBViewer is closed.

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Thanks again for your replies.


Currently, I'm using TBS tuner only, TT tuner is just in my system and is not in use.


Maybe application is trying to lock signal during this time or something else?


Is there any tweak to reduce this time?


I've just corrected hardware.xml file, thanks.

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      Bis vorgestern lief der DVBViewer pro ganz wunderbar mit Entertain. Jetzt wurde auf MagentaTV umgestellt und ich habe die Entertain-Channellist gelöscht und die MagentaTV-Liste importiert. Ich bekomme jedoch kein Bild angezeigt. Wenn ich die Adressen aus der MagentaTV-Channellist im VLC eingebe, werden die Sender wunderbar abgespielt. Ich habe keine Idee mehr, was ich noch ausprobieren könnte.
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      I use it everyday and recommend it for every blind person which wants near fully accessible television solution.
      At this point I would also like to apologise for any potential mistakes, since it is my first post here.
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      Alternatively, You may create two read-only fields between which you switch with a TAB and shift+tab key.
      3. When using visually impaired mode, the clock on a status bar (between bitrate and channel name) is irritating. May I ask for replacing it with either video bitrate (which in VI mode is available only from DVB source) or signal strength?
      4. When in VI mode, Could you please disable the auto-muting feature?
      When entering channel list editor or epg or any window of it's type, in the VI mode audio is muted, so to use epg while still listening you have to change window, press m or whatever to unmute, and proceed with an epg or whatever.
      Seems quite irritating.
      5. Since version 6.something, DVBViewer PRO presents the visually impaired mode window with the "Highlighted" text attribute.
      While it is generally helpful to read the text in this way for Low Vision users, for some reason Jaws screenreader sometimes reads unexpected things like playback time elapsed, since it is constantly changing.
      6. Last but not least, Could you please make the signal strength measure more appropriate (if a device returns it)?
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      I use two TBS products (5990 and 6903) as well as the RTL-2832 based device for DVB-t.
      While it may be problematic for 2832 to return valid Signal Strength, TBS manages to do so.
      What is more, DVBViewer GE is able to show a more intuitive signal measure.
      Thanks in advance for any feedback from You
      Patryk Faliszewski, Poland.
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      Seit 2 Tagen wird bei Telekom-Entertain - Sendern kein Bild und kein Ton mehr angezeigt, außerdem ist nach Aufruf des DBViewers auch kein Webseitenaufruf mehr über die Browser (Edge. Firefox)  möglich. obwohl die Verbindung besteht und Fernsehen über den Media-Receiver funktioniert.
      Neu installiert wurde eine Update von GDATA Total Security auf die Version, m.E. tritt das Problem seit diesem Zeitpunkt auf.
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