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Version para MAC

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Pues eso, existe la versión de este programa para Mac?

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    • joxx
      By joxx
      Dear team
      I have been using DVBViewer for many years and always loved it from the first day on.
      I just bought Sat>IP on AppStore and also bought the new recording service for my Win 10 Pro DVB Server, but the last Beta (included in DVBViewer Pro) of recording service is still installed. Waiting for the final to be included in my members area - within the next day, as I just bought it some minutes ago.
      It works perfectly using Windows. DVBViewer is the way to go!
      The server is on my public (guests) network, so I had to add it manually in SAT>IP.
      After starting a channel search not much happens, this means no update. Sometimes SAT>IP just fails with a crash of Sat>IP message.
      I'll keep you updated after updating my server to the final.
    • Katho
      By Katho
      ich habe mir gerade den SAT>IP Viewer für Mac gekauft. Nun versuche ich das Programm zum Laufen zu bekommen, aber leider stürzt die Software immer ab, sobald ich einen Sender auswähle um diesen sehen zu können. Egal ob ich die Sender von der OctopusNet übernehme, oder neu suchen lasse. Können Sie mir bitte weiterhelfen?
      Betsen Dank im Voraus
      Ich habe ein OctopusNet (8Fach) mit der FW 1.0.79
      Bei den Einstellungen im Fenster Scanner habe ich:
      Transponder Astra 19.2
      DiSEqC A
      Sender aktualisieren - No
      Nur frei empfangsbare Sender - Ja
      Finde weitere Transponder - No
      Neue Kanalliste erstellen - Ja
      einmal mit der Vorkonfigurierten Senderliste
      Der dazu passende Fehlerbereich:
    • ostalb-link
      By ostalb-link
      Although I found the instructions for the setting up of the DVBViewer for Telekom entertain, I seem to be stuck right from the start, as I can't see a network setting in my preferences, nor can I see a add button to add the downloaded ini-File into the channels list.
      I have tried looking at the varios tools mentione for windows, however they don't seem to operate under MAC or have I missed something completely :-(?
    • hackbart
      By hackbart
      I've published the first alpha version of the DVBViewer Sat>IP.
      Keep in mind this is a very early version of it and it does contain bugs and there are also a lot of features missing.
      To install it, open the dmg file and move the DVBViewer Sat>IP Application to the Application Link.


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