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problems with play button from firefox

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I did not use DVBViewer for a while... but i am back, my setup works I have a Terratec Cinergy S2 PCI HD receiver, working on windows 10 (most new updates)
I do not use edge, but firefox. (versions 64 &64bit)

I used to open a (recorded) stream from the mediaserver localhost browser pressing the play button on the description, either in the whole recordings overview or the separate recording.
That would open up a open with popup, that I found i can now only get when in the stream config , by pressing start direct stream.

If I open the file(s) directly from my harddisk they play in DVBViewer. But if i try to open the master.m3u8 file from the temp folder which i believe is created when pressing the play button, i get nothing playing in DVBViewer, and when i open the url i find in it in localhost like this: http://localhost:8089/stream.m3u8?preset=2&streamid={0B0D3BA1-8C92-4B7D-939A-8490B33852AD} i get a 404 not found, maybe that is not how to test it, but i tried.
I do see that in the edge browser, when pressing the play button, it plays the file in the edge browser.

Some examples attached as screenshots.
There has been an itunes messing with the m3u and m3u8 files but i reset them to open with DVBViewer, i believe i found windows 10 cannot have none program associated with these files anymore, which i hoped to be able to get the "open ....m3u(8) " . But i am not sure if that would solve it either.
If you have an idea  how to get the play button working again from firefox, so that I can open it directly to DVBViewer and play it there again, as i was used to, I would appreciate it very much,








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46 minutes ago, bph said:

But if i try to open the master.m3u8 file from the temp folder which i believe is created when pressing the play button, i get nothing playing in DVBViewer,


The master.m3u8 is for streaming the Apple HLS format. Firefox does not support it natively, in contrast to Edge. Since Firefox does not know what to do with it, it downloads a master.m3u file which does not make sense in this situation. It can't be played as file. However, there is a Firefox add-on that allows to play HLS in the browser.


Unfortunately the Dutch language file seems to be quite out-dated. The button captions are misleading. Rather set the Media Server language to English. It will make some things clearer. The Stream Setup  should look like this:




The problem in your case seems to be, that the play button uses the HLS format, though it looks like transcoded streaming is configured for WebM, which Firefox supports natively. Most likely the confusion happened on a Media Server update and will be fixed if you use the "Play in Browser" button, that lets the Media Server store the correct format.


If you want the browser to delegate file playback to DVBViewer, you need to use the gear wheel "Stream Setup" icon in the recordings list and one of the two "Other Player" buttons in the Stream Setup window. You can either send the original or the transcoded (WebM) stream to the player. The Media Server creates an M3U file that contains the URL for the requested stream and tells the browser not to play this file, but to to download it. This will let Firefox open an "Open With" dialog where you can select DVBViewer. In case of playback on the same PC I would prefer the orginal stream, because a high data rate is no problem in this case.


The "Play" icon in the recordings list always starts playback directly in the browser. It can't be used for playing something in DVBViewer.



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Thank you @Griga for the explanation. I followed your advise to set the media server to English . Also in my other post about the controlbar, it was infobar in dutch, (that does not give me the idea of somethings you can control ;) ). But the answer helped, all is working as you said :)
& thanks for the link to the firefox add-on!

If there are translations files, I would be happy to take a look at it,
(In that case would prefer to see the english & the german next to it determine what would be good Dutch words), but if you already have someone for the dutch language it is fine with me

Wishing you, and everyone at this forum a Merry Christmas!

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