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I'm experiencing strange difficulties with CAM decoding.

My configuration:

- 4 (2+2) Digital Devices sattelite tuners,

- 4 (2+2) Digital Devices Octopus CIs with 4 CAMs installed.

DVBViewer has:

- 4 tuners disabled,

- 2 rtsp (sat>ip) sources enabled.


1. I choose Channel 1 > no decoding > enabling tuners and disabling rtsp > Channel 1 decoded > disabling tuners and enabling rtsp > Channel 1 decoded, Channel 2 not.

2. I choose Channel 2 > no decoding > enabling tuners and disabling rtsp > Channel 2 decoded > disabling tuners and enabling rtsp > Channel 2 decoded, Channel 1 not.


Earlier (before I reinstalled OS) everything was OK.






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You are still using the old Recording Service. I would strongly recommend to update to the DVBViewer Media Server. The Recording Service hasn't been developed any further since 2017. There is an increasing number of known bugs (also security issues) and incompatibilities with recent DVBViewer versions.


In contrast to DVBViewer 6.1.4, the Recording Service does not detect your DD tuners as  Digital Devices, due to the out-dated hardware database. This affects the CI/CAM handling. You can fix it for now by stopping the service, opening the file svchardware.xml (located in the config sub-directory of the configuration folder) with a text editor, changing the vendor entries of all DD tuners from 0 (= unknown) to


    <entry name="Vendor">19</entry>


and starting the service again. However, sooner or later you will encounter other issues with your setup. Spending 19,- € for the Media Server will save the trouble.


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Your SystemInfo.txt reports:



DVBViewer Version:

DVBVservice Version: (beta)

svcOptions Version:


After installing the Media Server you need to perform "Scan Devices" in the DMS hardware options in order to trigger the detection process for your DD cards.


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Scanning didn't help.

No decoding, system info is not of the Media Server.

Even after I changed "0" to "19" channels are not decrypted.


Is using only unlocking option enough for swapping from RS to MS?


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1 hour ago, bounguine said:

Is using only unlocking option enough for swapping from RS to MS?


No. You need to download the Media Server and install it "over" the Recording Service.


Nothing has changed in your new SystemInfo.txt. There is still no Media Server installed.

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