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Problem on DVBViewer + Unicast + DiseqC + Network

Reza Sadeghi

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1- using latest DVBViewer


2- Hardware Device -> Unicast Network Device


3- using DiseqC 1.1 (8 LNB)


4- running "Recording Service 1.30.1" or "DVBServer" on another PC connected to DVB Hardware.


5- Network and all PCs is working fine.


problem :


I can connect DVBViewer Client to Server running on another PC on the same network, but can just use first Satellite defined on DiseqC 1.1 not other second or third and more satellutes connected to DiseqC 1.1


more explain :


I'm sure the settings on Diseqc 1.1 is OK because whenever connect the DVB Hardware's Cable directly to DVBViewer Pro client, all 8 Satellite's LNB work fine but whenever I connect cable to Server running "DVB Recording service" or "DVBServer" just can use first satellite.


the settings of my DiseqC 1.1 works fine: Channel List Editor --> click on the name of the Satellite on Left --> DiseqC = Extended & then in Edit -->

Address = switch

Command = Uncommitted

Input 1...16 = 1 & 2 & 3 & ... each for every unique LNB.


as I mentioned all channels on all satellites works fine if cable connect to DVBViewer directly by DiseqC settings defined above, but after use it on Client mode just first LNB number "1" works, not others.

just can change all channels on first satellite, other satellites channels connected to port 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 of my DisecqC 1.1 port not work in DVBViewer client mode.


not different if "DVB Recording Service" or "DVBServer".


please any help?

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problem solved.


I did exactly what "Tjod" suggested, now all satellites channels working fine & can change all of them also those HD channels.

Thank you so much "Tjod".

DVBViewer is really best & powerful DVB Player & support , I love it.

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