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Recording Service deinterlace

Hop Tzop

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First of all thank you for making DVBViewer and especially the Recording Service which I mainly use it with Kodi.


Now I'm looking for a solution, if there is one, to better deinterlace, Kodi is doesn't have the best algorithms for that and I was wondering if there are any plugins for Recording Service or something like that, that can deinterlace image before arriving in Kodi. I must say I don't know much about this stuff and how it really works, so I'm wondering if that is even possible.


Also what plugins from the member section can be used with Recording Service?


Thank you in advance!

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De-interlacing is a task for the media player, the Recording Service has zero influence on it.


Maybe a Kodi user can post a good hint for you here but the Kodi Forum is the first adress for this kind of question.


On a modern PC you should look for DXVA Deinterlacing, but I do not know how to choose that or even if it´s available in Kodi.

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Kodi + DSPlayer + MadVR brings pretty good deinterlanceing and Upscaling. Its a bit of a Hassle to set up and it doesnt work all the time (If you have UI Scaling on in Windows you can't use MadVR without Problems) but the Image Quality is beyond everything I saw befor.

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Kodi mostly runs on thin devices where there is no madVR available ;) . And it mostly uses the underlying hardware to do the deinterlacing. Deinterlacing for example is perfect on my Sony TV running Android TV. Then again there is the Amazon Fire TV (also running Android) which features pretty bad or no deinterlacing at all.


Kodi also supports software deinterlacing via yadif. For that to be selectable, you also have to disable hardware video decoding. This won't work properly on most thin devices.


So we should first start with the question on which platform Kodi runs...

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I'm running a PC, Q6600@2.4Ghz, 8GB Ram, AMD HD7790 1GB, Windows 10 64bit. Right now I use Pixel Shader as render method, Deinterlace (half), Video Scaling Spline36-Optimised. Using the default deinterlace feels like the image stutters a little, doesn't seem fluid, you can see that on rolling text, looks like ghosting a little.

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