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Hop Tzop

Recording Service deinterlace

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Hop Tzop



First of all thank you for making DVBViewer and especially the Recording Service which I mainly use it with Kodi.


Now I'm looking for a solution, if there is one, to better deinterlace, Kodi is doesn't have the best algorithms for that and I was wondering if there are any plugins for Recording Service or something like that, that can deinterlace image before arriving in Kodi. I must say I don't know much about this stuff and how it really works, so I'm wondering if that is even possible.


Also what plugins from the member section can be used with Recording Service?


Thank you in advance!

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De-interlacing is a task for the media player, the Recording Service has zero influence on it.


Maybe a Kodi user can post a good hint for you here but the Kodi Forum is the first adress for this kind of question.


On a modern PC you should look for DXVA Deinterlacing, but I do not know how to choose that or even if it´s available in Kodi.

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Hop Tzop

Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, thanks for the quick answer.

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Kodi + DSPlayer + MadVR brings pretty good deinterlanceing and Upscaling. Its a bit of a Hassle to set up and it doesnt work all the time (If you have UI Scaling on in Windows you can't use MadVR without Problems) but the Image Quality is beyond everything I saw befor.

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Kodi mostly runs on thin devices where there is no madVR available ;) . And it mostly uses the underlying hardware to do the deinterlacing. Deinterlacing for example is perfect on my Sony TV running Android TV. Then again there is the Amazon Fire TV (also running Android) which features pretty bad or no deinterlacing at all.


Kodi also supports software deinterlacing via yadif. For that to be selectable, you also have to disable hardware video decoding. This won't work properly on most thin devices.


So we should first start with the question on which platform Kodi runs...

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Hop Tzop

I'm running a PC, Q6600@2.4Ghz, 8GB Ram, AMD HD7790 1GB, Windows 10 64bit. Right now I use Pixel Shader as render method, Deinterlace (half), Video Scaling Spline36-Optimised. Using the default deinterlace feels like the image stutters a little, doesn't seem fluid, you can see that on rolling text, looks like ghosting a little.

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You should use DXVA (hardware acceleration). The AMD should have perfect deinterlacing.

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Hop Tzop

I'll give a try. Thanks!

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    • snorre
      By snorre
      DVBWiewer Recording Service Linux / Wine
      Ubuntu 18.04 server 1GB RAM 1 Core FSTAB: mount NFS recordings  from NAS to /mnt/recordings Name: dvbsrv  

      We need wine (32bit version), Xvfb (short for X virtual framebuffer) for
      running the recording service without screen, cabextract for extracting
      the needed DirectX file (ksproxy.ax) and nfs-common for mounting the
      recording share.
      dpkg --add-architecture i386 && apt update apt install wine32 xvfb cabextract nfs-common  
      Software Wine:
      We create a user which is running the Recording Service.
      In the users home we store the needed Windows software parts in the subdirectory "sw".
      SSH to the Ubuntu server as root or become root with "sudo su -".
      # create user w/o passwd adduser dvb su - dvb mkdir sw && cd sw wget http://download.microsoft.com/download/E/E/1/EE17FF74-6C45-4575-9CF4-7FC2597ACD18/directx_feb2010_redist.exe cabextract directx_feb2010_redist.exe -F dxnt.cab cabextract dxnt.cab -F ksproxy.ax  
      Files to be stored in /home/dvb/sw:
      Total Commander 32bit: tcmd922ax32.exe DVBViewer: DVBViewer_setup_6.1.4.exe Recording SVC: Recording_Service_setup_1.33.02.01.exe FFMPEG 32bit: ffmpeg-20190707-98b122c-win32-static.zip DVB Lic: xxxx.dvbvkey  
      Config from Windows DVBWiewer:
      This step is optional. You can configure the Recording Service without these.
      I copied the file from the Windows installation to keep my settings.
      Channel Logos: "c:\Program Files\DVBViewer\Images\Logos" Plugins: "c:\Program Files\DVBViewer\Plugins" Channels: "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\CMUV\DVBViewer\channels.dat" Allowed Networks: "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\CMUV\DVBViewer\Config\svcuserdata.xml" Rec-Server Config: "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\CMUV\DVBViewer\Config\service.xml" Tuner Config: "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\CMUV\DVBViewer\Config\svchardware.xml" SAT>IP Config: "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\CMUV\DVBViewer\Config\svcnetwork.xml"  
      Start Xming on Windows client. On Linux Desktop you usually already have a X server running. If using Putty, configure it to have X forwarding enabled. Putty (or ssh -X) to dvbsrv as root.  
      cp .Xauthority /home/dvb/ chown dvb:dvb /home/dvb/.Xauthority su - dvb cd sw  
      Initial Wine start wine cmd exit  
      Install Total Commander wine tcmd922ax32.exe - no shortcuts
      Install DVBViewer wine DVBViewer_setup_6.1.4.exe  - no shortcuts, no FW
       - OK on "Unable to execute file: powercfg.exe" - 10 times
       - Add Key File, Username and Passsword - Key file in Z:\home\dvb\sw
       - Cancel additional components install
       - do not wiew changelog_en.html and do not Launch DVBViewer
      Install Recording Service wine Recording_Service_setup_1.33.02.01.exe  - no shortcuts, no FW, no Download FFmpeg
       - OK on "Unable to execute file: powercfg.exe" - 10 times
       - do not wiew changelog_en_rs.html and do not Launch Configuration
       - Right click Recording Service System Tray Icon -> Disable Auto-Start Tray Control Program -> Exit
      Start Total Commander - These steps can also be done manually on Linux or Wine comandline "wine cmd" wine c:\\totalcmd\\totalcmd.exe &  - Configure
       - Copy z:\home\dvb\sw\ksproxy.ax -> c:\windows\system32
       - Open z:\home\dvb\sw\ffmpeg-20190707-98b122c-win32-static.zip
         + Copy z:\home\dvb\sw\ffmpeg-20190707-98b122c-win32-static.zip\ffmpeg-20190707-98b122c-win32-static\bin\ffmpeg.exe -> "c:\Program Files\DVBViewer"
       - Copy Plugins -> "c:\Program Files\DVBViewer\Plugins"
       - Copy Logos -> "c:\Program Files\DVBViewer\Images\Logos"
       - Copy z:\home\dvb\sw\channels.dat -> c:\ProgramData\CMUV\DVBViewer
       - Copy XML config files -> c:\ProgramData\CMUV\DVBViewer\Config
      Configure Recording Service wine "c:\Program Files\DVBViewer\svcoptions.exe"  - Recorder: Directories: Z:\mnt\recordings
         + Recordings: Disable Create NTFS filestorage data
       - Web/UPnP:
         Port 8080
         Disable: Prevent PC sleep
      Run As systemd service:

      [Unit] Description=Run DVBViewer Recording Service in Wine [Service] User=dvb ExecStart=/usr/bin/xvfb-run /usr/bin/wine "c:\Program Files\DVBViewer\DVBVservice.exe" [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target
      [Unit] Description=Redirect port 80 to 8080 for DVBViewer Recording Service [Service] Type=oneshot ExecStart=/sbin/iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 8080 [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target
      systemctl enable DVBViewer-port.service systemctl enable DVBViewer.service systemctl start DVBViewer-port.service systemctl start DVBViewer.service  
      Start Wine programs as root:
      Totalcmd: cp /root/.Xauthority /home/dvb/ && su - dvb -c 'wine "c:\totalcmd\totalcmd.exe"' & DVBViewer Opts: systemctl stop DVBViewer && \ cp /root/.Xauthority /home/dvb/ && \ su - dvb -c 'wine "c:\Program Files\DVBViewer\svcoptions.exe"' && \ systemctl start DVBViewer
    • _Michael_
      By _Michael_
      ich habe in den Optionen bei Nach einer Timer-Aufnahme folgendes gewählt keine Aktion, siehe 1stes Bild. Das funktioniert bei mir Leider nicht. Ich gehe z.Zt. davon aus, das dies noch an anderer Stelle "überstimmt" werden kann. Falls ja: Wo muß ich eingreifen?
      Ich habe noch unter Aufgaben eine Auflistung von passenden internen Aufgaben (siehe 2tes Bild) gesehen, kann deren Zweck (z.B. globales Ausschalten der Aufgabe?) aber nicht in der Hilfe finden ...
      Evtl. noch wichtig:
      Meine Aufnahme-Timer lasse ich über das DVBViewer Client von Kodi erstellen und manchmal verwende ich auch das Media Server Web Interface. Ich bekomme vor dem Auslösen des Energiesparens eine message box mit einem ablaufenden Timer (der Warnzeit vor dem Beenden) zu sehen.  In Kodi habe ich "Einstellungen / PVR & TV -> Energiesparen -> Aktiviert = aus" eingestellt.  
      P.S. Sollte im 1sten Bild bei Aufgabe nach Aufnahme nicht konsistenter Weise keine Aufgabe statt <None> stehen?

    • c.paul
      By c.paul
      wollte meinen DVBViewer samt Recording-Service mal wieder updaten.
      Leider finde ich auf der Mitgliederseite dir Rubrik für den Recording-Service nicht.
      Danke für Eure Hilfe
    • popy
      By popy
      Ich habe die EDL Unterstützung im letzten Krypton pvr.DVBViewer 2.4.14 addon hinzugefügt.
      Hier ist der branch auf github: https://github.com/popy2k14/pvr.DVBViewer/tree/Krypton-EDL
      Leider unterstützt die DVBViewer Media Server api keine EDL Dateien.
      Ich habe die Idee, die .edl Datei über eine Dateifreigabe in Kodi zu laden vom pvr.hdhomerundvr addon.
      Ein Großes Danke an djp952 für die Idee und manche Code Teile von: https://github.com/djp952/pvr.hdhomerundvr
      Man kann ein Verzeichnis/Freigabe im pvr.DVBViewer addon setzen und sogar eine zusätzliche Start und End-Zeit.
      Das neue Feature lädt die .edl Datei zu der aktuellen Aufnahme vom konfigurierten Verzeichnis.
      Der .edl Dateiname muss der gleiche sein wie der der .ts Datei.
      Und voilà, kodi überspring Werbung.
      Die Einstellung "edl_skip_field=3" sollte in der comskip.ini gesetzt werden.
      Dadurch funktioniert das überspringen des Werbeblocks perfekt in kodi und man kann sogar zurückspulen, falls zu viel übersprungen wurde.
      Ich habe mit @manül (maintainer vom offiziellen addon) Kontakt aufgenommen, er wird den Code in den aktuellen master portieren und wir haben das Feature bald im offiziellen leia addon 
      In der Zwischenzeit kann das plugin 2.4.15 mit EDL Unterstützung für Krypton von meinem GDrive heruntergeladen werden: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wIfmm5k2-kssbEVn_1witOHQ9bHGqR_5/view?usp=sharing
      Hier findet ihr den Thread im Kodi Forum: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=330457
      Viel Spaß
    • popy
      By popy
      Hey guys.
      Have added EDL support in the latest Krypton pvr.DVBViewer 2.4.14 addon.
      Here is my branch at github: https://github.com/popy2k14/pvr.DVBViewer/tree/Krypton-EDL
      Sadly, DVBViewer Media Server api does'nt support EDL files.
      So i have taken the idea of the pvr.hdhomerundvr plugin to sideload the edl file over an samba/nfs/... share to kodi.
      Big thanks to djp952 for the idea and some parts from: https://github.com/djp952/pvr.hdhomerundvr
      You can specify an directory/share to the recording directory in the pvr.DVBViewer and also set some padding time.
      The new feature loads the .edl file for the corresponding recording from the specified directory.
      The filename.edl must be the same as the filename.ts file.
      And voilà, kodi is skipping the commercials.
      Set the setting "edl_skip_field=3" in comskip.ini, in this case commercial skipping in kodi works perfect and you can rewind, if to much of the show is skipped.
      I have contacted @manül (the maintainer of the official plugin) and he will cherry pick the code into the current master to have the feature in the official leia addon soon...
      ... so stay tuned 
      In the meantime you can download the plugin 2.4.15 with EDL support for krypton here from my gdrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wIfmm5k2-kssbEVn_1witOHQ9bHGqR_5/view?usp=sharing
      Here is the Thread in the kodi forum: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=330457
      have fun
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