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100% Crash (multiple devices) tuning 28.8E Satellite in UK


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100% Crash (multiple devices) tuning 28.8E Satellite in UK 
*Bug Reduction:* 
Tested on iPhone 8 Plus & iPad Pro 10.5" with similar results. 


  • iPhone 8 Plus -> iOS 11.2.2 - wifi (no internet available).
  • iPad Pro 10.5 -> iOS 11.0  - wifi (no internet available).
  • SELFSAT IP21-> Satellite tuner used.
  • Free Windows Sat>IP application found on satip.info website runs tuning without crashing

*Steps to reproduce:* 

  1. Open Sat>IP Viewer
  2. Select Settings -> Search Channels
  3. Select Astra 28.8E and start the scan
  4. The scan will run between 1 and 5 minutes and progress between ~30% and ~90% of the progress bar.
  5. The app will then crash back to Springboard
  6. No channels are saved and you need to restart the scan again.

*Reproduction Rate:* 
Attempted 4/4 crash on iPad and 10/10 crash on iPhone 8. Total of 14/14 crashes attempting tuning.
*Estimate on time to reproduce:* 
Initial test takes about 5 minutes including installation. Repeated tests can take a minute if it crashes early. While doing these tests I also encountered a few crash on launch issues but these seem to be unrelated to the main problem.
(/) *Expected Result:* 
I can complete a tune of the satellite on 28.8E without it crashing
(x) *Actual Result:* 
Cannot tune Sat>IP on 28.8E
(!) *Regression:* 
New purchase of the app so no regression possible.
(i) *Workaround:* 
No workaround found. I am a developer so I can test a TestFlight build or provide logs on request to help debug this issue.

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Actually not really, the software does not require any internet connection at all. The Sat>IP stream is send via local network via UDP/RTSP protocol and all communication is running in separate threads. Which means that the mobile os should not close an unresponding application. I'm aware that the system is quite prone when it comes to UTF8 conversion. I remember an older build crashed if some weird characters where sent, which i had to repair (this has nothing to do with the current telegu font crash problem).

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