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Watch TV on Browser takes up to 5 Minutes

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Hey community,


first of all, i hope i didnt do anything wrong, open theme again, or on the wrong place. 

My Problem: I have running the RS All works so far. I can stream TV to all my devices.

The Problem is just, that all my pcs (mac,windows,ubuntu desktop) take so much time to load streams, up to 5 minutes. When i start stream with over android or iphone all works pretty fine. When I watch stream VLC, it also takes up to 3 minutes, but after that all works ok. 

Do you have some idea, what i am doing wrong?

Need I to configure somehing again?


Some more informations about my system:

Server: Windows 7 with 2GB ram and 2 cores (VM on an ESXI host, with pci passtrouth)

Used: Browser: Safari,Chrome and Firefox 

Browser Settings: WebM Low 800kbit and verfast

Other: All Firewall were deactivted

Network: 1GBit to all PC's with some industry switch.

TV Card: TechniSat DVB PC Tv Star PCI

If you need more Informations to help me just ask.


Thanks for your time and kind regards



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