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Ich hab mal ne frag da ich windo MR mit briell benutz kan ich zwar den dvbt viwer auf den exploer shirm laufen lassen  mocht es aber gern als univeralapp laufen lassen da ich es dan frei im raum plazieren kann ist es möglich den dvbt viwer als windowsuniversal app zu programiren oer wenigst umzuschreiben

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    • BZD
      By BZD
      For years I have been using the Terratec Cinergy HTC Stick on Windows 7/8 computer and using DVBViewer Pro without issues, however moving to a new computer with Windows 10 I could not get the Cinergy HTC Stick drivers to work so I acquired the Hauppauge WinTV-soloHD.
      Unfortunately the WinTV-soloHD / DVBViewer combination is giving me grief. Through the forum I learned that there was a Hauppauge service which I needed top stop running as it blocked DVBViewer from using the WinTV-soloHD, however having solved that I now find that the only a fraction of the TV channels available are found and no radio channels at all(list is included).
      What to do?
      I'm located in Denmark and using cable with Yousee as the cable provider. If I run the WinTV V10 software that came with WinTV-soloHD there is no problem accessing all the usual channels, same ones I also had with the Cinergy HTC/DVBViewer combination on my old computer. A list of those channels as they shown with the WinTV is attached. Needless to say, apart from finding all the channels WinTV is a program that is severely lacking.

    • Tomas Peceny
      By Tomas Peceny
      I am an old user of the DVBViewer; the DVBViewer always prevented switching off the PC or hibernate it. I wish to start recordings from a hibernated PC.
      I have tried to find information in this forum and only found that no action is needed. The computer does not go into sleep mode when DVBViewer is running; when I turn DVBViewer off, the computer does not wake up in the set time. What is the correct procedure?
    • DetlefM
      By DetlefM
      Hat jemand erfolgreich einen DVB-S2 USB Stick oder entsprechende Box mit Windows 10 / Mediaserver am Laufen?
      Gibt es eine Liste: Empfohlene Hardware?
      Will meinen Aufnahme Windows 10 PC mit einer neuen Schüssel verbinden-. 
    • Tomas Peceny
      By Tomas Peceny
      I have two identical PCs Dell Optiplex 7010 with Windows 10 and Evolveo T2 USB tuners. One of them plays well the new  T2 HD television sending and the *.ts records via the DVBViewer Pro and LAV 0.74.1-x64 , while the other one plays badly via the DVBViewer Pro and the same LAV 0.74.1-x64. I'd like to try the older DVBViewer Pro with the other PC. How can I download it? (Now, I solve DVBViewer troubles with updating Windows 10 by enabling the Windows update manually and then reinstalling the Evolveo driver or LAV if necessary.) Thanks!
    • berek
      By berek
      ich teste gerade die TPM und SecureBoot von Windows 10 und wollte den Kernel mit Hyper-V und Guarded Host absichern. Nach der Aktivierung wird mein USB Technotrend 3650CI nicht mehr gefunden. Nach dem Abschalten läuft wieder alles. Bei Technotrend erhält man ja nur den BDA-Treiber und ist auch im System vorhanden, wird aber von dem DVBViewer nicht gefunden. 
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