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Terratec Cinergy C PCI HD + CI problem with scrambled programmes


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Hiya there,

I have a TV tuner Terratec Cinergy C PCI HD + CI module which is working perfectly already for some years and I used it with DVBViewer Pro, Terratec DVBViewer and also Terratec Home Cinema app. Recently I subscribed with my cable provider to receive some additional TV programmes. Cable provider gave me two Neotion Conax CAM modules and two cards. One CAM is used for my main TV and one that will be used by Terratec Cinergy CI PCI HD TV tuner. Please see the pics of CAM module and a smart card.



On Sony TV decoding is working without a problem.

On Terratec Cinergy C PCI HD TV tuner it is working, but shifting between the scrambled TV programmes is very, very slow. Sometime it takes from 30s to 1 minute to shift from one scrambled programme to another one. If programmes are located on the same transponder frequency then shifting is normal and quick like usual with non-scrambled ones. If I shift between two scrambled programmes which are located on different frequency transponders than I have to wait and wait that it open up a TV programme. Sometimes I need to wait more than a minute and that is not normal.

Shifting between non-scrambled TV programes is not an issue. It is working super fast.

What I already did was:
- inserted my CAM that I used with Sony TV to Terratec CI module;
- tried three different software applications: Terratec DVBViewer, DVBViewer profesional, Terratec Home Cinema
- I tried Terratec TV tuner + CI module in another PC and there same problem still exists.

What do you think it is a cause? Do I need certain drivers for my Terratec tuner, some plugin, certain settings to activate? Or maybe it is a problem with Neotion Conax CAM card? I suspect this the most for this very slow channel shifting. Do you think that other CAM module can help me? Did somebody had similar problems with long access to scrambled programs or heard of something similar?

My system consists of:

Intel E8500, 4GB RAM, AMD HD6870 graphic card
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
Terratec Cinergy C PCI HD CI Drivers:
DVBViewer pro 5.1
Terratec DVBViewer 8.1.1 tried also 8.3.4
Terratec Home Cinema v6.15.11

thank you kindly for your help 456.gif,

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Thank you kindly for your offered help and instructions. Here I managed to generate a support.zip file. Hope it will help with identifying a problem of very slow shifting (zapping) between scrambled programmes on differerent transponders on my Terratec.





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Hiya hdv,

yes, sorry DVBViewer 5.1 pro demo version. I tried to directly download from DVBViewer website as I saw on the internet that it has some additional settings in the settings menu in comparison to DVBViewer Terratec Edition.

For long time I'm using DVBViewer 8.1.1 Terratec edition, tried also with 8.3.4 that is available from Terratec website as the latest supplied version for Terratec TV Tuner products. But with all the versions same problem persists. Same problem is also with old Terratec Home Cinema product. It decode everything but is slow with shifting channels on coded channels.

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I think I made a PhD on this card as I surfed everything what was surfable about it. I tried everything and also compared problems with clone cards like Technisat, Azurewave, Twinhan. But there were no solution for this. From despair I decided I will try all the Cinergy drivers that were ever available for this card. Started from the latest to the early that I could find on their FTP. Tried also some drivers from clone cards but they were in majority not compatible.

And how I solved a problem. I installed the oldest drivers available for this card. This is version that can be found on Terratec FTP site. Link here: Cinergy_C_PCI_HD_Drv_Vista_XP_1.1.0.101

Shifting / zapping between all the channels is now normal as it was before when I did not used CI module. All other drivers did not worked at all as there were no picture coming up with scrabbled TV programs. Besides only the last version of Terratec Cinergy C PCI HD drivers worked but had these problems with long zapping time.

It would be nice to see that Terratec do one more revision of and combine it with for the functionality of CI module. It would be exceptionally nice and well appreciated that this is brought on board by Terratec.

best, d.

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I have similar problem....encrypted channels work in Windows 10 maybe 20 to 70 minutes and then blue screen appear because drivers is too old ... company Terratec is gone and new company which is take over They have no interest to updating drivers for W10.... Is any chance to get maybe universal drivers ?


uncoded channels are working without problems

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