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Black screen on encrypted channels, worked fine before

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I've been using DVBViewer Pro for a long time now (I think since around 2008) without any issues. But as of recently I'm unable to view or record any encrypted channels. I have a CAM module in my SkyStar USB 2 HD CI receiver. DVBViewer sees the CAM and can talk to the card that's in it (it reports the card number among others). This affects both HD and SD channels, and if I record to a file I get a very small (nearly empty) file. Signal strength looks good, EPG is decoded properly. I do not see any decryption errors.


Some important background: My provider (Canal Digitaal, NL) has recently rolled out a firmware update to their receivers which among others blocks the SmartWi that I was using until recently. When this happened, I couldn't receive any channels in my living room anymore (the decoder refuses to work even on non-encrypted channels without a card). So I took the card out of my SmartWi and put it in the receiver. Today I wanted to put it in my PC CAM module again to check if everything is still working (in that case I'm going to order an extra card), but so far it doesn't.


I was still running a very old version of DVBViewer, updated and rescanned all the channels, but that didn't change anything.


support.zip is attached, in case that helps...


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today I wanted to put it in my PC CAM module

which CI-module? Smartcard type?

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Aston (AstonCrypt). Smartcard has 'NAGRAVISION' And 'nagra ID CA-01' printed on it.

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Some more info. When I unplug the card from the CAM, and I select an encrypted channel, I get a message on screen that the card is not plugged in. When I plug the card in, this message disappears after a few seconds, and I just get a black screen. Even on stations for which my card isn't valid.


Is there a way to get more information about what's happening? There is no useful information in DVBViewer.log.


It could be that my CAM doesn't work properly for example, but I wouldn't know how to check that. (I can get to all the info in the menu, but I don't know for example if my provider changed some timings).

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i have the exact same problems as you have, and have tried exact the same things you have. The problem occuers on Canal Digital Norway, and i have not found an answer yet for the problem.


I had an old version of DVBViewer and havent scanned for channels for the last 4 years (my last scan is from 2013). I logged onto the Download page and updated the DVBViewer to 5.6.4 but still black screen.


"But as of recently I'm unable to view or record any encrypted channels." - Same as me. CD made some sort of upgrade to their decoders, and suddenly DVBViewer stopped working. I thought it was my card or similar and havent had time to check it out until now.

"I have a CAM module in my SkyStar USB 2 HD CI receiver." - I have a STRONG cam with the name Canal Digital printed on it.

"DVBViewer sees the CAM and can talk to the card that's in it (it reports the card number among others)" - Same here.

"This affects both HD and SD channels" - Same here

"record to a file I get a very small (nearly empty) file." - Same here. Only 12 Kb or similar..

"Signal strength looks good," - Well, in my DVBViewer, I miss the bottom line who tells what resolution, what sound type and bitrate. I have the channel name and a * close to it. I think this means it cant decrypt it.

"EPG is decoded properly. " - Samehere

"I do not see any decryption errors." - non errors, nop pops up, or similar.


I have a STRONG Cam with the print Canal Digital on.

I am in contact with my provider to see if their is something wrong with the CAM or the Card but i dont see that that is the problem.

I have not tried other DVB softwares, so it might be a CAM / Card problem and not a software problem ofc...


- Over the Rainbow..

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Oddly, on my end everything is working again. A while ago I decided to give it one more try and everything has been fine since. I haven't dared to unplug my card since it started working again (before I hadn't unplugged it for years, but I had when the problems started because my provider changed something that made it impossible to use a SmartWi.)


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After some time, i found out it was my CA-module that had died for some strange reason.

Ordered a new one, and everything works again :).


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