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Raw EPG Values

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I am dealing with the epg data (try to convert them to json, try to find out what kind of information is available) and have found this site which provides epg data.(http://xmltv.se)

The information they provide are a little different from the xml data I get from the api.

I have attached two snippets - one from xmltv one from a Mediaserver api call. - both from the same event. Inspector Banks, 4.6.2017 in the night.

The main difference is: actors , writers  (credits section) is more detail from xmltv and more text from Media Server. Additional the have  

( "new": null, --> maybe an information if this event is first time on this channel) and   "category": {    "en": [      "series",      "Crime"    ]  }, maybe same als <content>16</content>?


My Question; Is the raw information stream more like xmltv or do you both have different sources?


Background - when I try to filter the epg stream flat text is not as good as structured text.


Oh - I must rename the json file to json.txt because json was not allowed.




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Sorry, I don't understand your post. What do you mean by "raw information stream"?


When it comes to tricky EPG questions you may want to contact the Xepg developer who knows quite a lot about this stuff and check out his tools. I will draw his attention to this thread.


As far as I can see the attached files are identical (after renaming the second to .xml). You can use a ZIP file if the original format is not accepted by the forum software.

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18 hours ago, DetlefM said:

The information they provide are a little different from the xml data I get from the api.


Yes, they are both xml files, but XMLTV confirms to the  XMLTV standard 


The api xml epg  and the XMLTV standard are not compatible.


You can use my tools to convert between the two: http://www.a123.dk/


Xepg: imports XMLTV into DVBViewer or DVBViewer Media Server

XgrabDMS: converts api epg to XMLTV Standard.


Xepg does not support json.


EDIT: By default the the epg in DVBViewer Media Server is delivered by the TV provider (via the antenna). Sometimes this epg is not very rich. A good reason for importing extern XMLTV epg using Xepg.

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Sorry, uploaded the wrong files. 

Zdfbanks.xml.txt is from DVBViewer - I think taken from satip Kathrein Hardware.

Zdfbanks.json.txt is from xmltv.se

Thanks to your both answers I toke a look at XMLTV.

I learned:

  • xmltv.se provides xmltv epg data ( but also converted to json). 
  • epgdata provides also xml epg data in an other format and last not least
  • DVBViewer scans the dvb stream and makes his own format

I suppose  the epgdata xml is near by the original dvb-s stream with some additional information like link to pictures.


And I vote for this topic http://www.DVBViewer.tv/forum/topic/52703-xmltv-export-via-rs-api/


But for now - thanks to all, further questions will go to the xepg guys.





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9 hours ago, DetlefM said:

epgdata provides also xml epg data in an other format...


Who is epgdata? epgdata.com?


9 hours ago, DetlefM said:


That's what XgrabDMS do. Well, not directly. It was actually Griga who asked me to make the XgrabDMS tool, so I don't think this will happen ;):)

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I am just learning how to filter epg events to make a more clever way to create recordings. 
And one of the things I came across was different dept of information
When I compare the entry from zdfbanks.xml.txt (see above posting) and the xml file I attached now (better comparing 2 xml files then xml with json) then 
the information from xmltv.se is more computer friendly. I have a list of actors, director in the <credits> path. And I have a list of  categories.
From epgdata.com I got also something like pegi, link to a picture but that is a payed service and an other story.
So my initial question was:
Is the same information available from Mediaserver (or the raw dvb-s stream). 
And a special question what is the meaning of the content tag ( <content>16</content> ). Does this tag is the represantion of categories - or for what is it for.
I am not interested to put additional content into the MediaServer or DVBViewer, I am interested to get information out from MediaServer.
When I understand right you are doing the way from putting external epg data into the DVBViewer System so you have rich information and provide less richer information to the DVBViewer (like categories)
An other example:
DVBViewer (from Webview MediaServer):
Jurassic Park (9.6.2017, 20:15) 
"Ein Team von Wissenschaftlern wird auf eine Insel im Pazifik eingeladen. Dort präsentiert ihnen der Milliardär John Hammond einen Vergnügungspark, in dem die Besucher echte Dinosaurier bestaunen können. Durch die Unachtsamkeit eines Mitarbeiters gelingt es jedoch den gefährlichen Urzeitbestien, aus ihren Gehegen auszubrechen. Die Jagd auf die hilflosen Menschen beginnt..."
Same description on xmltv.se see attachment.

I am wondering where the difference came from.

Ok - I am from old school so information from my own antenna is for me better then from the internet.



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Is the same information available from Mediaserver (or the raw dvb-s stream).

You can use TransEdit > Analyze to see what is in the stream from the TV channel.

http://www.DVBViewer.com/griga/TransEdit E/AnalyzerWindow.html#Title

(select a transponder list for your sat position and there the transponder from the channel you are looking for and then Analyze)

In the EIT you will find the EPG informations. To get the raw version right click on it and select hex view ;) and to find the informations click through the tree structure of the parsed data there.


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1 hour ago, DetlefM said:

Is the same information available from Mediaserver


No, generally not. XgrabDMS shows all what the API returns. Actors, director etc. are sometimes a part of the description text. Not easy to extract generally.


1 hour ago, DetlefM said:

And a special question what is the meaning of the content tag ( <content>16</content> )


Go to page 40 here:  ETSI


1 hour ago, DetlefM said:

When I understand right you are doing the way from putting external epg data into the DVBViewer System so you have rich information and provide less richer information to the DVBViewer (like categories)


Xepg adds the extra information to the title, event or description on importing. This way the information is not lost. 

Edited by Delphi

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