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Configuring DVBViewer for shared hardware with media server

Davios Sparr

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I was visiting my dad and he asked me to upgrade his old installation of DVBViewer for him. Got new versions of that (DVBViewer pro v6.1.4.0) and then Media Server installed, both on a single computer (no network devices). When trying to do a timer record it initially complained about the shared hardware config. I ran the wizard and things seemed to be working fine. A short time after I left he did a channel scan and now the message is back and trying to help him over the phone isn't getting anywhere.


So for confirmation the message is :




The media server is running but DVBViewer is not configured for shared usage of dvb hardware 

More information (requires Internet connection)

Run media server Wizard


Steps tried and testing after each:

1. Running the sharing wizard again.

3. Tried manually adjusting the status on the hardware devices

3. Uninstalled  Dvb media server and reinstalled it again. 3b. Running the sharing wizard again.


When going through the wizard these are the settings entered/shown:


Select media server 

DVBViewer media server (H)

Server address and Web port

Test connection

DVBViewer media server  Basic (H)


Top 5 boxes ticked

Remaining 4 boxes unticked

Client tuning priorty 50


Direct access to he following devices will be deactivated

TBS 6920 BDA

The following network devices will be created




The two devices in hardware are 

DVB-S2 RTSP Network device (Normal)

TBS 6920 BDA DVBS/S2 Tuner/Demod (Do not Use)


Current State of play:


Record current channel button


Problem reaching media server


Epg - Record button

Timer recording window opens

Nothing listed


Epg - prebook button

Timer recording window opens

Programme is listed

Altering it from tune channel to record, a recording is made but the media server tray icon remains idle and no next timer start is listed 

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