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kodi v17 pvr.DVBViewer - Support of Edit Decision Lists (EDL = commercial skip) for Recorded TV


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Hey guys.


Have added EDL support in the latest Krypton pvr.DVBViewer 2.4.14 addon.
Here is my branch at github: https://github.com/popy2k14/pvr.DVBViewer/tree/Krypton-EDL


Sadly, DVBViewer Media Server api does'nt support EDL files.
So i have taken the idea of the pvr.hdhomerundvr plugin to sideload the edl file over an samba/nfs/... share to kodi.
Big thanks to djp952 for the idea and some parts from: https://github.com/djp952/pvr.hdhomerundvr


You can specify an directory/share to the recording directory in the pvr.DVBViewer and also set some padding time.
The new feature loads the .edl file for the corresponding recording from the specified directory.
The filename.edl must be the same as the filename.ts file.
And voilà, kodi is skipping the commercials.


Set the setting "edl_skip_field=3" in comskip.ini, in this case commercial skipping in kodi works perfect and you can rewind, if to much of the show is skipped.


I have contacted @manül (the maintainer of the official plugin) and he will cherry pick the code into the current master to have the feature in the official leia addon soon...
... so stay tuned :D


In the meantime you can download the plugin 2.4.15 with EDL support for krypton here from my gdrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wIfmm5k2-kssbEVn_1witOHQ9bHGqR_5/view?usp=sharing


Here is the Thread in the kodi forum: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=330457


have fun

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