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mani tehrani

reduce size of recorded files with ffmpeg tasks

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mani tehrani


how can i reduce size of  recorded files with ffmpeg tasks? for example how can i change bitrate and convert "mpg" recorded files to MP4?

i know some channels are HD and others are SD, is there different?

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Using the FFmpeg command line is difficult and requires a lot of knowledge.


Rather try a tool like HandBrake that uses FFmpeg but provides a user interface that makes it easy.


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@Griga: I have a problem with the video editor (https://www.DVBViewer.tv/forum/topic/61295-DVBViewer-video-editor-rückmeldungen/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-474434). The export of HEVC files as MPEG-file via FFMPEG doesn't work. Nothing happens. I wanted to see what happens using FFMPEG directly. But the FFmpeg command line is really difficult. What would be the correct command line?



Many Greetings



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P.S. You can also use the DVBViewer Media Server 2.1.1 for on-the-fly transcoding to HEVC:

  • Desktop Web Interface -> Links Page -> HTTP Channel List (Transcoded Streams)
  • In the Stream Setup Dialog select a TS preset of your choice, e.g. TS HD 3600 kbit (requires a fast PC)
  • Click "Show/hide expert settings", if they are not visible.
  • Enter vcodec=hevc as additional parameter
  • Click HTTP Channel List (Transcoded Streams) -> the browser will download a M3U playlist that contains an URL for each channel
  • Open the M3U playlist with DVBViewer or another player that can play the live streams -> the DMS will deliver the selected channel as transcoded stream.

After that you can see in the file svcdebug.log which FFmpeg command line (without placeholders) the DMS has created.


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Hello Griga,


thanks for the links! But I just wanted to know the commandline for FFmpeg based on the presettings of the Video Editor: "-f dvd -target pal-dvd -vb 8000k -mbd rd -trellis 1 -flags +mv0 -cmp 0 -subcmp 2"

Especially Where I have to put the filenames or paths?


Oder auf deutsch: Was muß ich bei FFmpeg eingeben, um die Konvertierung vorzunehmen, die der Video Editor gestartet hätte?



Many greetings 



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I don't know the Video Editor and how it makes use of FFmpeg.

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    • sir drake
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      Hello Griga,
      maybe somthing for further versions.
      by using the Tasks-command ( api/tasks.html?action=.... ) 
      i did not know, when a started process is finished.
      (also not if start has happen successfully. no feedback given ) 

      should it be possible to implement this as a feedback
      once in the existing status2-request or in a sep. new tasks-status-request ? 

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      Stream is copied, decoded with H264_QSV and then encoded with H264_QSV, all under HW Acceleration.
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      Seems the pipe lunches another instance which can't reach RS output pipe ({outfile}).
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      2. Deinterlacing with QSV avoids using CPU, once again faster and saving CPU for other processes running.
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      Das ist doch nicht normal oder ? Zu dem Zeitpunkt greif auch kein andere Rechner auf den Mediaserver zu. Er wird auch nur genutzt um das TV plugin für Kodi zu nutzen und Aufnahmen zu tätigen. 
      Ich werde das nach einem Neustart nochmal beobachten. Aber vielleicht kann mir ja schon jemand einen Tip geben, zumindest habe ich ffmpeg nochmal über den DVBViewer link heruntergeladen und die exe im DVBViewer Ordner aktualisiert (richtig?). 
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      but I'm unsure how to manually install this. 
      Where do I put the files, and do I need to change any settings in an .ini file for example?
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