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reduce size of recorded files with ffmpeg tasks

mani tehrani

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how can i reduce size of  recorded files with ffmpeg tasks? for example how can i change bitrate and convert "mpg" recorded files to MP4?

i know some channels are HD and others are SD, is there different?

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Using the FFmpeg command line is difficult and requires a lot of knowledge.


Rather try a tool like HandBrake that uses FFmpeg but provides a user interface that makes it easy.


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@Griga: I have a problem with the video editor (https://www.DVBViewer.tv/forum/topic/61295-DVBViewer-video-editor-rückmeldungen/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-474434). The export of HEVC files as MPEG-file via FFMPEG doesn't work. Nothing happens. I wanted to see what happens using FFMPEG directly. But the FFmpeg command line is really difficult. What would be the correct command line?



Many Greetings



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P.S. You can also use the DVBViewer Media Server 2.1.1 for on-the-fly transcoding to HEVC:

  • Desktop Web Interface -> Links Page -> HTTP Channel List (Transcoded Streams)
  • In the Stream Setup Dialog select a TS preset of your choice, e.g. TS HD 3600 kbit (requires a fast PC)
  • Click "Show/hide expert settings", if they are not visible.
  • Enter vcodec=hevc as additional parameter
  • Click HTTP Channel List (Transcoded Streams) -> the browser will download a M3U playlist that contains an URL for each channel
  • Open the M3U playlist with DVBViewer or another player that can play the live streams -> the DMS will deliver the selected channel as transcoded stream.

After that you can see in the file svcdebug.log which FFmpeg command line (without placeholders) the DMS has created.


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Hello Griga,


thanks for the links! But I just wanted to know the commandline for FFmpeg based on the presettings of the Video Editor: "-f dvd -target pal-dvd -vb 8000k -mbd rd -trellis 1 -flags +mv0 -cmp 0 -subcmp 2"

Especially Where I have to put the filenames or paths?


Oder auf deutsch: Was muß ich bei FFmpeg eingeben, um die Konvertierung vorzunehmen, die der Video Editor gestartet hätte?



Many greetings 



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