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I recently switched from the external scheduler (because tasks suddenly started failing to start, elthough they existed in Tasks folder in Windws) to the internal one and I found several issues:


1. If the tast is set to swith the computer to the standby/hibernation mode, the DVBViewer won't switch itself off (it is running after wakeup).

2. If I change the start time of a recurrent job to a later time (e.g. the TV station starts to broadcast a show an hour later), the DVBViewer will start itself at the original time upon next occurrence of the task (but it starts recording correctly at the set later time, i.e. it runs for an hour and only then starts to record at the new time).


Both issues cause problems to me if I use the card with other TV viewing application as well and want to set up a task with it (e.g. I have to use the application shipped with my satellite card (Aver3D R889) for recording scrambled channels, because DVBViewer does not support its CI).


3. (not realted with the internal scheduler, but a general proposal) If a schedule a task, but the hardware is not available when the tasks starts (e.g. because I have disconnected the respective USB tuner), the DVBViewer starts as normally, but, of course, records nothing (zero-byte file) and that when the tasks ends it does not switch itself off. I suggest that in such case it displays the "No hardware available" warning as well. Moreover, it should not be OSD only, but as a separate window like in case of the "Timer shutdown" warning.



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1. A program can't close itself after having triggered standby/hibernate, because the API call does not return until the PC wakes up again. And of course a program can't trigger standby/hibernate after having closed itself :)


2. I can't reproduce it here with DVBViewer Pro 5.2.9. I've created a short task in the Timer Recordings Window, then changed the start time to 5 minutes later and closed DVBViewer. It was launched as expected. Can you describe a sequence that allows to reproduce the issue?

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1. And would this scenario be possible?

At the task end time, the DVBViewer creates a separate task for only putting the computer to standby/hibernate let's say one minute after (or only after OK is clicked in a confirmation dialog, which will have a countdown (as it is now)). Then the DVBViewer closes itself and in one minute the computer puts itself to standby/hibernate based on a Windows-based command.

Or wouldn't it be possible so that DVBViewer closes itself after the computer resumes from standby/hibernate?


2. It's just happened to me now :)

I had a task for several weeks running from 16.50 to 17.20 Monday to Friday (recording a series). Yesterday I deleted the task (the series ended) from the Timer recordings window, but today the DVBViewer started itself at 16.47 as before (but correctly did not start recording at 16.50). My experience is that tomorrow it won't start itself, it happens only once, the next occurrence after delete/edit. Enother example (editing) is that I used to record a series on Fridays from 21.00 to 22.00, but then they change the time to from 21.30 to 22.30, so I edited the task, but the next time the DVBViewer started at 20.57, but started recording correctly at 21.30. The next Friday it already tarted itself correctly at 21.27.


So maybe if you want to reproduce it, set a repetitive (daily) task, allow it to run for the first time without editing it and only after that delete or modify it and wait (one day) for whether the DVBViewer will start itself or not.

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Why don't you use Recording Service (RS). RS runs as a Windows Service, then you can let Windows own power management take care of standby/hibernate, And RS can wake the PC to do the Recording

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