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"Playback Off" getting set when monitor goes into standby


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If I set some shows to record and fall asleep, DVBViewer will work fine until my monitor goes to sleep/standby. At which point DVBViewer sets "Playback Off" and then my recordings do not work. Is there any way to prevent it setting "Playback Off" It's getting really frustrating when trying to record repeats and movies that are on in the middle of the night.


I notice in my support.zip\DVBViewer.log, seeing entries like this

and I think the timestamps match when DVBViewer sets "Playback Off"

05.08.17 02:59:16.096 USceneRender         Failed to present Back Buffer D3DERR_DEVICELOST
05.08.17 02:59:16.096 USceneRender         Present failed: D3DERR_DEVICELOST
05.08.17 02:59:16.096 USceneRender         issuing WM_DEVICELOST
05.08.17 03:00:20.525 USceneRender         ResetEx failed: D3DERR_DEVICELOST
05.08.17 03:00:21.053 USceneRender         D3D has not been initialized properly




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I use [removed, violating forum rule §13] to decode the channels, and if im not tuned to the channel then the [removed, violating forum rule §13] can not decode them and the recordings are just a black screen.



I cannot name the software I use to decode the channels, but if the channel is not open, I can not decode, and if I can not decode the recordings are messed up.

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Just switching the monitor off doesn't let DVBViewer stop playback.  However, playback is stopped if the PC goes to "Away Mode".


Away Mode happens if it is enabled in the Windows energy options and someone or something tries to trigger sleep mode, but DVBViewer refuses because it is recording. In this case some things like the monitor, graphics card and sound card are switched off, but the system stays awake.

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