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Web interface Program not support unicode?

Ham Wong

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If it's with unicode, it's keep loading and won't/can't list channel




with English, it works fine




As I recently upgrade to win10 (fresh install not upgrade), I am not sure issue were due to media server or win10

if my memory didn't go wrong, I think it works fine in win7 with recording services.

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14 minutes ago, Ham Wong said:

If it's with unicode, it's keep loading and won't/can't list channel


This is not a known Media Server issue.


What do you mean by "with unicode"? Which setting and where?

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well, In win10, chinese should be default in unicode or like utf-8 if my understanding is not correct, you can just ignore unicode part and solve this bug

Well anyway what I mean is when I write in chinese, it fail to load, 

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I can't reproduce the issue with category names containing Unicode (= non ASCII) characters:




The web interface is Unicode compatible. However, the DVBViewer channel list file format is not compatible. It uses the limited local character set for non-unicode programs. Read more about it here:




The DMS converts these characters to UTF-8 when it displays channel and category names in the web interface. Maybe that causes the problem, but I can't imagine why.

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Thanks for your promote response,  my win10 have set default language as chinese, as you can see from my above screen capture, character display correctly on web just somehow for unknown reason it can't open up channel list and keep loading


as I said earlier, there is no issue when I use win7 with recording service, may I know does your test platform is on win10?

perhaps will you require any extra info for further investigate?

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      First of all: Keep calm! With haste you may worsen the damage or problem.
      Read the Wiki and/or the old manual.
      If nothing applies please use the DVBViewer forum search function. Select Search and enter a search item (at least 4 let­ters). You may also use the link to the Google site search at the top of the forum without search item length restrictions. There is a high probability that your problem has already been discussed and solved in the past.
      If the search delivers no results you may ask for assistance in the forum. You should carefully formulate your question, at best take your time and write it off-line first. Please provide detailed step-by-step instructions for reproducing the problem, if possible.
      Please use the Support Tool (Download) for providing additional information. Perform the following steps:
      If there is a problem with DVBViewer Pro, launch DVBViewer in Debug Mode - see start menu -> DVBViewer (-> Support) -> DVBViewer Pro (Debug Mode). Reproduce the problem. Close DVBViewer, or if there is a problem with the DVBViewer Media Server / Recording Service, stop it by using the menu that appears after right-clicking the blue DVBViewer tray icon. Store and execute supporttool.exe in the DVBViewer installation folder (where DVBViewer.exe is). The Support Tool collects relevant configuration files and system information in a support.zip file. Please attach this file to your post.
      You can delete old attachments here if you have not enough attachment space. The support.zip contains the following information (no specific user data):
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      DVB Media Server für die Verwendung eines SAT>IP-Routers (und einem anderen lokalen Empfangsgerät) einrichten. SAT>IP-Gerät ausschalten oder vom Netzwerk trennen. Ein Programm des lokalen Empfangsgeräts im Browser wiedergeben (Transkodierte Streams -> Im Browser wiedergeben) In der Media Server Web-Oberfläche unter Aufgaben "EPG-Aktualisierung starten" anklicken Der Service reagiert nicht mehr. Die Web-Oberfäche reagiert nicht mehr, der laufende HTTP-Stream bricht ab und der Dienst kann nicht mehr heruntergefahren werden. Der Prozess kann nur noch im Task Manager beendet werden.  
      Einfach nicht auf den Link klicken, wenn das SAP>IP-Gerät nicht eingeschaltet ist, ist leider keine Lösung, da das Problem auch auftritt, wenn der Media Server von sich aus versucht, die EPG-Daten zu aktualisieren. Aufnahmen sind in dieser Konstellation nicht mehr zuverlässig zu realisieren. Darüberhinaus habe ich den Eindruck, dass laufende HTTP-Streams abgebrochen werden, wenn weitere Hintergrundoperationen (z. B. das Öffnen eines zweiten HTTP-Streams oder eben das EPG-Update) gestartet werden - vielleicht gibt es da einen Zusammenhang.
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