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Recordings won't save to my new folder

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Hi guys,


A fantastic product, clearly the best DVB software!!


I have a minor issue with my recordings NOT saving to my larger capacity HDD drive.


  • Folder is called D:\DVB
  • The folder is shared, and security permissions is set to be open and public
  • The recordings are going to the default user\public\videos folder. That is an SSD drive with much lower capacity


Please can you suggest something I may have missed?





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Can you post a screenshot of Options->Recorder?

Have you changed the path there?

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In case you use the separately installable "Recording Service" of DVBViewer: This service runs with the "SYSTEM" account of windows, not your user account. So folder permissions must respect that.

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Can you post a screenshot of Options->Recorder?

Have you changed the path there?



Image grab below



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When I create a new folder on drive D: as logged on user the folder properties -> security tab looks like this:




As you can see it grants write access for authenticated (logged on) users. Recording to this folder works if DVBViewer is running in the password protected user account in which the folder has been created (just tried). However, users in general only have read access, so they can't record to this folder.


How does the security tab of your folder look like? Which Group/User entry allows DVBViewer to write to this folder?

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    • Davios Sparr
      By Davios Sparr
      I was visiting my dad and he asked me to upgrade his old installation of DVBViewer for him. Got new versions of that (DVBViewer pro v6.1.4.0) and then Media Server installed, both on a single computer (no network devices). When trying to do a timer record it initially complained about the shared hardware config. I ran the wizard and things seemed to be working fine. A short time after I left he did a channel scan and now the message is back and trying to help him over the phone isn't getting anywhere.
      So for confirmation the message is :
      The media server is running but DVBViewer is not configured for shared usage of dvb hardware 
      More information (requires Internet connection)
      Run media server Wizard
      Steps tried and testing after each:
      1. Running the sharing wizard again.
      3. Tried manually adjusting the status on the hardware devices
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      Hallo Griga,
      ich möchte ein meinem Programm neben dem CHANNEL-NAME auch die Quelle( SAT/Internet...HLS Deutsch....)  einer Aufnahme anzeigen.
      In einem TIMER-RECORD habe kann ich hierfür den Node  <CHANNEL ID> zerlegen und benutzen.
      In einem RECORDING-RECORD habe ich nur den Node >CHANNEL>xxxx</CHANNEL>
      Das reicht leider für meine Zwecke nicht aus.

      <recording id="98" charset="255" start="20181021195500" duration="001000">
      <channel>Das Erste</channel>
      <channel ID>1234567890</channel ID>
      d:\_aufnahmen\2018-10-21_19-59-23_das erste_tagesschau.ts
      Vielleicht kannst du diesen Node optional beim Aufruf hinzufügen:
      vg & Dank 
      Sir Drake
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    • tim copperfield
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      The listview used for EPG search results allows sorting up/down by clicking headers.
      The sorting appears to sorta work - clicking 'Start' for example, attempts to sort by date + time, resulting with listview showing correct data.
      However, clicking each individual EPG entry in the sorted list results in different dates/program names being displayed.
      How to reproduce:
      1) Search for anything in EPG
      2) Try sorting by start time (for example)
      3) Try clicking various results and compare "Event" title and time/date with the ones shown in "Details" tab below.

      Here, the EPG is searched, and sorted by start time, ascending.
      The search order looks correct, but clicking the entry shows  completely different results in Details.
      The "hover over" content however looks OK (it is the program in question as noted by Event Title and description.
      EDIT: There appear to be other sort order issues (i.e. sorting by station name doesn't appear to alphabetically sort it, either), but I think incorrect metadata issue needs to be addressed first.
    • tim copperfield
      By tim copperfield
      I thought I was crazy when after upgrade the 'record' button on toolbar changed colors from gray to red, but now I see there's another problem related to this (intended?) change.
      When channel is recording, a red record icon overlay is visible in taskbar.
      However, the menubar record icon is gray.
      I'm not sure what the point was of changing the button on menu (it got inverted after 6.0.4.x update), so it should either go back to original gray/red when idle/recording OR the recording indicator icon in taskbar should be changed accordingly. now its not consistent and confusing to the user.
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