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How to stop recording service ?

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I am trying to install DVB pro on Windows 10 I receive this error !


How I can stop recording ?







Please explain clearly . I am 70 years old and not a gig !



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Click in the arrow (in the windows task bar) and make a right click on the Recording Service icon.



And select "stop Recording Service" the icon should turn Gray.


After the installation you have to start the Recording service there or restart windows.

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There i not such thing in the task bar . Once I uninstalled and installed DVB pro again , I receive the error


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This message is not from the DVBViewer or its set-up.

It is from Windows and means likely you don't have the right to execute this program.

This doesn't happen in usual DVBViewer installation even if you run the DVBViewer in a liniment user.

Are you using some sort of program whit listing solution? If you don't know what this is and you aren't in a cooperate environment (work notebook) it is likely not the case.

Try starting the DVBViewer one time with admin rights. Right click on it and select run as administrator. Does this fix the problem?

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    • sir drake
      By sir drake
      Hallo Griga,
      ich möchte ein meinem Programm neben dem CHANNEL-NAME auch die Quelle( SAT/Internet...HLS Deutsch....)  einer Aufnahme anzeigen.
      In einem TIMER-RECORD habe kann ich hierfür den Node  <CHANNEL ID> zerlegen und benutzen.
      In einem RECORDING-RECORD habe ich nur den Node >CHANNEL>xxxx</CHANNEL>
      Das reicht leider für meine Zwecke nicht aus.

      <recording id="98" charset="255" start="20181021195500" duration="001000">
      <channel>Das Erste</channel>
      <channel ID>1234567890</channel ID>
      d:\_aufnahmen\2018-10-21_19-59-23_das erste_tagesschau.ts
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      ich bin ja vor einer Weile umgestiegen auf ein board mit HEVC decoding. Ich habe, neben HTPC, einen kleinen Server mit Atom CPU der sowohl als Recording Service wie auch als virtueller Linuxserver und auch als Fileserver dient. Den wollte ich abschalten weil ich in Zukunft weder das Linux noch den Fileserver in der Form brauche und ich so mindestens 350kWh im Jahr sparen kann.
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      The listview used for EPG search results allows sorting up/down by clicking headers.
      The sorting appears to sorta work - clicking 'Start' for example, attempts to sort by date + time, resulting with listview showing correct data.
      However, clicking each individual EPG entry in the sorted list results in different dates/program names being displayed.
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      EDIT: There appear to be other sort order issues (i.e. sorting by station name doesn't appear to alphabetically sort it, either), but I think incorrect metadata issue needs to be addressed first.
    • tim copperfield
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      I thought I was crazy when after upgrade the 'record' button on toolbar changed colors from gray to red, but now I see there's another problem related to this (intended?) change.
      When channel is recording, a red record icon overlay is visible in taskbar.
      However, the menubar record icon is gray.
      I'm not sure what the point was of changing the button on menu (it got inverted after 6.0.4.x update), so it should either go back to original gray/red when idle/recording OR the recording indicator icon in taskbar should be changed accordingly. now its not consistent and confusing to the user.
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