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Problem: maximun 8 multiple instances?


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I have win10-64 bit and I have a big problem.

I have done multiple installations of dvbviever.

Program Files\DVBViewer     ----> CMUV\DVBViewer   (sat usb card)

Program Files\DVBViewer 2   ----> CMUV\DVBViewer 2  (sat pci card)

Program Files\DVBViewer 3   ----> CMUV\DVBViewer 3 (dvdT usb card)

Program Files\DVBViewer 4   ----> CMUV\DVBViewer 4  (use only for iptv)


etc etc


Program Files\DVBViewer 8   ----> CMUV\DVBViewer 8 (use only for iptv)

Program Files\DVBViewer 9   ----> CMUV\DVBViewer 10 (use only for iptv)


the problem is if I launch DVBViewer 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 -6 - 7 -8 start all OK,

then the (9) nine installation don't start!!! Even 10 and following....

only 8 instances of dvbviwer at the same time!!!!



is there a way to solve the problem?



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The administration unit  that (among other tasks) prevents conflicting DVB hardware usage is limited to 8 instances, including other software from the DVBViewer family like TransEdit or the DVBViewer Media Server.


When this unit was designed many years ago nobody could imagine that someone would ever use more than 8 DVBViewer instances simultaneously. Now it is difficult to change due to compatibility reasons.


Why do you need all these installations? A single DVBViewer instance can use all your DVB hardware at the same time, e.g. for multiple recordings.


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20 hours ago, Palomino3000 said:

no solutions then?


Not with DVBViewer Pro. You may want to try DVBViewer GE (see download area, read the included ReadMe!) that provides a second independent video window for picture in picture, thus allowing to view 16 channels with 8 instances.

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