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Found 24 results

  1. Hallo, ich habe noch aus Media Center-Zeiten viele DVB Aufzeichnungen, welche ich mit ffmpeg von WTV nach MPEG TS ge-remultiplext habe. Diese würde ich nun gerne nach dem Umstieg auf DVBViewer zu den neuen Aufzeichnungen hinzufügen damit man diese ganz normal über das aufzeichnungs menü abspielen kann. Reicht es, wenn ich dafür einfach ähnliche Textfiles anlege wie sie der recording Service erstellt? Falls ja, welche Informationen müssen mindestens in den Text falsch drin stehen? Oder müssen diese in eine interne Datenbank hinzugefügt werden? Oder kann ich den recording Service irgendwie dazu bringen dass er ein Verzeichnis nach neuen TS Files durchscannt? Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe.
  2. Hallo Griga, ich möchte ein meinem Programm neben dem CHANNEL-NAME auch die Quelle( SAT/Internet...HLS Deutsch....) einer Aufnahme anzeigen. In einem TIMER-RECORD habe kann ich hierfür den Node <CHANNEL ID> zerlegen und benutzen. In einem RECORDING-RECORD habe ich nur den Node >CHANNEL>xxxx</CHANNEL> Das reicht leider für meine Zwecke nicht aus. <recording id="98" charset="255" start="20181021195500" duration="001000"> <channel>Das Erste</channel> <channel ID>1234567890</channel ID> <file> d:\_aufnahmen\2018-10-21_19-59-23_das erste_tagesschau.ts </file> <title>Tagesschau</title> <image>2706243175_SM.jpg</image> </recording> Vielleicht kannst du diesen Node optional beim Aufruf hinzufügen: ....://localhost:8089/api/recordings.html?utf8=1&amp;images=1;channel_id=1 vg & Dank Sir Drake
  3. I have many recordings in both MediaPortal and DVBlink that I would like to import. I have successfully imported from Mediaportal to DVBLink but how can I import to DVBViewer media service? Is there any way to do this? I have been contemplating to change the XML file names to TXT and do the import tool from the desktop client. Any ideas?
  4. The listview used for EPG search results allows sorting up/down by clicking headers. The sorting appears to sorta work - clicking 'Start' for example, attempts to sort by date + time, resulting with listview showing correct data. However, clicking each individual EPG entry in the sorted list results in different dates/program names being displayed. How to reproduce: 1) Search for anything in EPG 2) Try sorting by start time (for example) 3) Try clicking various results and compare "Event" title and time/date with the ones shown in "Details" tab below. Example: Here, the EPG is searched, and sorted by start time, ascending. The search order looks correct, but clicking the entry shows completely different results in Details. The "hover over" content however looks OK (it is the program in question as noted by Event Title and description. EDIT: There appear to be other sort order issues (i.e. sorting by station name doesn't appear to alphabetically sort it, either), but I think incorrect metadata issue needs to be addressed first.
  5. I thought I was crazy when after upgrade the 'record' button on toolbar changed colors from gray to red, but now I see there's another problem related to this (intended?) change. When channel is recording, a red record icon overlay is visible in taskbar. However, the menubar record icon is gray. I'm not sure what the point was of changing the button on menu (it got inverted after 6.0.4.x update), so it should either go back to original gray/red when idle/recording OR the recording indicator icon in taskbar should be changed accordingly. now its not consistent and confusing to the user.
  6. Hi, soeben habe ich den SAT>IP-Viewer im Appstore entdeckt und Ihn direkt gekauft. (Leider gibt es keine Testdownload) Was mir während des ersten Tests sofort auffiel ist das sobald eine Aufnahme gestartet wird kein Empfang anderer Sender mehr möglich zu sein schein. Mein Sat>ip Server (Megasat MEG-8000 Sat>ip Server 3) hat 4 bzw. 8 Clientkanäle. Es sollte also doch möglich sein, andere Kanäle während eine Aufnahme anzusehen. Ist das nun ein Bug oder eine beabsichtigte Funktionseinschänkung? Die Fehlermeldung "Sender konnte nicht eingestellt werden" ist jedenfalls wenig hilfreich. Danke im Voraus für eine Antwort.
  7. Hi Leute, wo genau liegt der Unterschied zw dem kostenlosen Recording Service und kostenpflichtigen Media Server? Grüße
  8. Hi, I hope someone can help me out with this very frustrating issue. Cmore channels switch back and forth between 2.0 Stereo and 5.1 Surround. If I want to record a program with 5.1 and it starts a little earlier (because I dont want to miss the beginning), and the program before is in 2.0 stereo. The 5.1 recording is lost for the entire program. How can this be? There is no problem if the channel outputs 5.1 when recording starts - even if sometime during the recording, the channel switches to 2.0 Stereo. I have tried different codecs, but it doesnt seem to help. Is there a setting which Im missing? I have choosen the AC3 version of the channel and I also allow for All sound channels. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks in advance.
  9. This is kinda irritating, but earlier i was able to get the season and episode number when i recorded something. Earlier recording: Date_Time_Channel_Showname (1 s10) Description of show. But now i just get: Date_Time_Channel_Showname I think I have just missed something in the configuration, but i cant seem to understand what. I have tried with %date_%time_%station_%name_%event_%title but havent been able to figure out how to get out the details of the show. I know this was an option before but it could ofcourse have been dropped.
  10. I am trying to install DVB pro on Windows 10 I receive this error ! How I can stop recording ? Please explain clearly . I am 70 years old and not a gig !
  11. Hi guys, A fantastic product, clearly the best DVB software!! I have a minor issue with my recordings NOT saving to my larger capacity HDD drive. Folder is called D:\DVB The folder is shared, and security permissions is set to be open and public The recordings are going to the default user\public\videos folder. That is an SSD drive with much lower capacity Please can you suggest something I may have missed? Thanks.
  12. Hello First of all I love the recording service, I like to stream videos and channels to my 4K LG tv by dlna but I have some problems with the 4k channels and videos, when I try to tune a 4k hevc channel it won't stream and the tv saids skip to another file, same happen to 4k videos I have on my pc they are 4k hevc with dts and ac3 codecs, is there any way to stream those by dlna with recording service do I need to change something in settings or can you give support for it? Thanks in advance.
  13. Jakub Klos

    Recording issue

    Hello I seem to have an intermittent problem when some recording bears the proper file size (a few GB of data) but the actual playback works only the first 2 minutes. Find the logs below. The only thing I can see is that there is a number of discontinuities. However, some recordings which have them too work just fine. I was also able to find out that after the issue occurs there is no plugin requests to decode the channel anymore. It simply stops. Other channels work just fine at the time. I think the recording service or DVBViewer should detect this issue and retune/restart the recording at least. I am not sure what the cause could be but at least provide us with some recovery. That would be very nice. Please consider my suggestion. Thank you very much 11.10.15 19:58:14.304 TVCR No shutdown allowed next recording: 11.10.2015 19:59:00 11.10.15 19:58:14.304 TRecordingEngine ReleaseReference TStreamClient: 0 11.10.15 19:58:16.473 Release Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 19:58:16.473 Destroy Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 19:58:16.785 Destroyed Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 19:58:16.785 hamDeleted Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 19:59:01.026 TRecording AllocateHardware Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 19:59:01.026 TRecording StartRecording Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 19:59:01.026 TRTSPNetworkStream SetTuner TType: 1, Freq: 11977, Symrate: 30000, LOF: 10600, Tone: 1, Pol: 0, DiseqC: 3, FEC: 3, APID: 1703, VPID: 1702, PMT: 1701, SID: 2017, TID: 2802, NID: 187, SatMod: 6, DiseqCVal: 0, Flags: 25 11.10.15 19:59:01.229 TRecording StartRecording: HBO 11.10.15 19:59:01.260 SetStandbyblock TRecording 11.10.15 19:59:01.260 TRecordingEngine AddReference TRecording: 1 11.10.15 20:03:10.221 TRecordingEngine AddReference TStreamClient: 2 11.10.15 20:03:10.237 TRecordingEngine AddReference TStreamClient: 3 11.10.15 20:03:10.252 TStreamClient AllocateHardware Sat>IP 2 11.10.15 20:03:10.252 TRTSPNetworkStream SetTuner TType: 1, Freq: 11804, Symrate: 28000, LOF: 10600, Tone: 1, Pol: 1, DiseqC: 0, FEC: 5, APID: 511, VPID: 501, PMT: 500, SID: 30309, TID: 703, NID: 1536, SatMod: 0, DiseqCVal: 0, Flags: 25 11.10.15 20:03:20.767 TRecordingEngine ReleaseReference TStreamClient: 2 11.10.15 20:03:24.370 Release Sat>IP 2 11.10.15 20:03:24.370 Destroy Sat>IP 2 11.10.15 20:03:24.636 Destroyed Sat>IP 2 11.10.15 20:03:24.636 hamDeleted Sat>IP 2 11.10.15 20:03:24.963 TRecordingEngine ReleaseReference TStreamClient: 1 11.10.15 20:33:40.198 TRecordingEngine AddReference TStreamClient: 2 11.10.15 20:33:40.198 TRecordingEngine AddReference TStreamClient: 3 11.10.15 20:33:40.213 TStreamClient AllocateHardware Sat>IP 2 11.10.15 20:33:40.213 TRTSPNetworkStream SetTuner TType: 1, Freq: 11804, Symrate: 28000, LOF: 10600, Tone: 1, Pol: 1, DiseqC: 3, FEC: 5, APID: 761, VPID: 751, PMT: 750, SID: 30314, TID: 703, NID: 1536, SatMod: 1, DiseqCVal: 0, Flags: 25 11.10.15 20:33:52.740 TRecordingEngine ReleaseReference TStreamClient: 2 11.10.15 20:34:03.395 TRecordingEngine ReleaseReference TStreamClient: 1 11.10.15 20:34:03.551 TRecordingEngine AddReference TStreamClient: 2 11.10.15 20:34:03.551 TRecordingEngine AddReference TStreamClient: 3 11.10.15 20:34:03.551 TStreamClient AllocateHardware Sat>IP 2 11.10.15 20:34:03.551 TRTSPNetworkStream SetTuner TType: 1, Freq: 11900, Symrate: 28000, LOF: 10600, Tone: 1, Pol: 0, DiseqC: 0, FEC: 4, APID: 5000, VPID: 4044, PMT: 3450, SID: 3480, TID: 12, NID: 1, SatMod: 0, DiseqCVal: 0, Flags: 25 11.10.15 20:34:17.778 TRecordingEngine ReleaseReference TStreamClient: 2 11.10.15 20:37:37.365 TRecordingEngine ReleaseReference TStreamClient: 1 11.10.15 20:37:37.490 TRecordingEngine AddReference TStreamClient: 2 11.10.15 20:37:37.490 TRecordingEngine AddReference TStreamClient: 3 11.10.15 20:37:37.490 TStreamClient AllocateHardware Sat>IP 2 11.10.15 20:37:48.114 TRecordingEngine ReleaseReference TStreamClient: 2 11.10.15 20:43:18.522 TRecordingEngine ReleaseReference TStreamClient: 1 11.10.15 20:43:21.159 Release Sat>IP 2 11.10.15 20:43:21.159 Destroy Sat>IP 2 11.10.15 20:43:21.471 Destroyed Sat>IP 2 11.10.15 20:43:21.471 hamDeleted Sat>IP 2 11.10.15 22:04:00.802 TRecording AllocateHardware Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 22:04:00.802 TRecording StartRecording Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 22:04:00.802 TRecording StartRecording: HBO 11.10.15 22:04:00.817 TRecordingEngine AddReference TRecording: 2 11.10.15 22:20:00.048 TRecording ($00BD6510) C:\Users\Public\Videos\Into the Woods.ts Discontinuities: 10 - Total size: 4,75 GB - Device:Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 22:20:00.048 TRecording Release Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 22:20:00.048 TRecordingEngine ReleaseReference TRecording: 1 11.10.15 23:15:24.500 TRecordingEngine Time changed 11.10.15 23:50:00.504 TRecording ($00BCFAD0) C:\Users\Public\Videos\Storyteller.ts Discontinuities: 6 - Total size: 2,55 GB - Device:Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 23:50:00.504 TRecording Release Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 23:50:00.504 TRecording Destroy Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 23:50:00.770 TRecording Destroyed Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 23:50:00.770 TRecording hamDeleted Sat>IP 1 11.10.15 23:50:00.770 ReleaseStandbyblock TRecording 11.10.15 23:50:00.770 TRecordingEngine ReleaseReference TRecording: 0
  14. Hallo zusammen! Ich habe mit ein vBox XTi-3350 zugelegt. Das ist ein LAN-Tuner, der auch DVB-C streamt. Ich hatte die Hoffnung, darüber DVB-C übers Netzwerk zu streamen und dann im Recording Service aufnehmen zu können. Leider scheint das nicht so einfach zu sein, wie bei SAT>IP. Ich kann die M3U als Sender in DVBViewer GE laden und dann anschauen, nur wie bekomme ich die Senderliste in den Recording Service? Nachdem ich hier im Forum etwas gestöbert habe, wollte ich mal fragen, ob hier jemand Erfahrungen mit so einem Gerät oder dem Aufnehmen von IPTV überhaupt hat. Bin für alle Antworten dankbar! Gruß, Christian
  15. Hallo, nachdem ich einige Aufnahmeprobleme mit dem Viewer bei sehr hohen Datenraten hatte/habe, nutze ich jetzt auf Hinweis aus dem Forum hier TransEdit auch zum aufnehemen. Ich teste noch und habe eine Frage. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Aufnahmegröße vorab festzulegen? Ich nehme mal an nicht ... ich meine Start Recording und meinetwegen 1000 MB eingeben und danach stoppt das Recording.
  16. Nachdem inzwischen „fast jeder“ ein NAS-System zu Hause oder im Homeoffice hat, kann es doch nicht sooooo abwegig sein, mit dem Recording Service auf so einem NAS-System (z. B. von QNAP) aufnehmen zu wollen, oder doch? Gibt es denn niemanden, der das außer mir noch möchte? Die Aufnahme auf einer USB-Festplatte, die direkt an eine Fritz!Box angeschlossen ist, funktioniert reibungslos. Kann bitte mal jemand eine ausführliche Anleitung posten (was auf welchem Gerät bei welchen Settings wie eingestellt werden muss), wie man ein NAS-Verzeichnis als Aufnahmeverzeichnis definiert? Sollte das immer noch nicht möglich sein, dann bitte ich den/die Programmierer dringend, sich dieser Geschichte anzunehmen. Erstens bin ich sicher, dass dies immer mehr User haben möchten und zweitens ist es einfach nicht mehr up to date, Heimnetzwerke mit NAS zu ignorieren. (Die NAS-Boxen laufen üblicherweise mit einem Linux-Betriebssystem und die Shares werden über Samba bereitgestellt.)
  17. Hi yo all! A quick question, i want to start my recordings from hibernate(Windows 8 or 8.1). Do i have to do any specials settings to DVBViewer? I have installed DVBViewer and recording Service. I'm asking this behalf of my friend and i don't have DVBViewer installed on my computer so i can't test this.
  18. Hi, I have a problem with the recording service (I am using 1.29 right now). My recordings are saved with incorrect EPG information, because the time the recording is started does not match the time the EPG is used from. I have experimented with the settings a bit, but none of the time changes seems to help me. Here is my setup: - Recording Service Server is a virtualized machine (using virtualbox) running windows 8.1 pro 64bit. - Two clients are used. One runs OpenELEC 4.1.4 and the other one uses XBMC running under windows 7 64bit - The recordings are saved onto a samba share (which is hosted on a centos 7 64bit server) I double-checked all time settings in: recording service options & DVBViewer pro options on rs-server; time in openelec, time in windows7 running xbmc, time on centos7 server However, when recording live-tv the file under which the recoding is saved is wrong: I just tried to made a test recording with "the simpsons" which just aired some minutes ago... ...the files got saved correctly on the samba share named by "date_time_channelname_Die Simpsons.*", but their epg entry is off by one hour (in the future) and its EPG entry (saved in the *.txt file) is set to "Europa League Qualifikation Play off", which will air at after the simpons. (and since this game lasts for two hours I guess the EPG is off by one hour... this would also match my other test recordings). Why is the EPG saved incorrectly? My RecordingService confiuration says that the EPG time is set to "auto" (and the disabled field shows the correct GMT+02:00). The system time is correct. In DVBViewer (and in the webfrontend) the epg is shown for the correct/current time. What is going on here? Why is the EPG information incorrect? Kind Regards, Niko
  19. Hallo, ich betreibe den Recording Service 1.28.0 auf einem Windows 7 Rechner. Der Zugriff vom WAN/Internet funktioniert über einen APACHE mit SSL Verschlüsselung, der auch für weitere Dienste einen Reverse Proxy macht. Die Bedienung des DVB Recording Services WebInterface funktioniert auch tadellos, nur beim WebStream gibt es Probleme. Ich vermute es liegt an den URLs. Ich habe ein Alias /dvb/ am Apache definiert und dahinter den ReverseProxy definiert. Scheinbar versucht aber der FlowPlayer die URL ohne das /dvb/ aufzurufen und bekommt den Stream nicht. Um das Ganze zu veranschaulichen hab ich einen Screenshot angefügt. Liegt es nun tatsächlich daran? Kann das am programm geändert werden? gruß kaniggl
  20. I successfully set up the recording service, but there is one problem that I have encoutered several times since then. When there are two consecutive timers, the service often selects the "wrong" card, which is then not available for the timer that starts let's say 10 minutes afterwards. Let me explain it: I have two tuners: Tuner 1 is with DiSEqC on 5 satellites, but it is only DVB-S, and Tuner 2 is only for one satellite (one of those 5 for Tuner 1 - Astra 23°E) and it is DVB-S2. (In the channel list, channels that can be received by Tuner 1 are in group A, DVB-S channels from Astra 23E are in group B and DVB-S2 channels from Astra 23E are in group C. Tuner 1 is set up to receive channels from groups A and B and tuner 2 from groups B and C) Model situation: I set up one timer from 2100 to 2200 on a DVB-S channel from Astra 23E (i.e. either tuner can take it) and the second timer from 2115 to 2215 on a DVB-S2 channel from Astra 23 (only Tuner 2 can handle it). But since the Tuner 2 is higher in the list (priorities of both are Normal), it takes the first timer, so the second timer starts recording only after the first one finishes (at 2200). But if the first time was taken by tuner 1, the tuner 2 would be able to record the second timer from the beginning. Setting the tuner 1 as "preferred" or moving it higher in the list does not help, because if I set up a sooner timer from a DVB-S channel on Astra 23 (both tuners can take it) and a later overlapping timer on Astra 19 (only tuner 1 can take it), the sooner timer would be taken by tuner 1, which would be subsequently unavailable for the later timer. So my idea is that the recording service should "think ahead" and use the tuner "bearing in mind" the subsequent timers. Or, if it's not possible, to "split" the file being recorded (this could be a selectable option): If the time of a timer comes while an earlier timer is still recording and there is no available tuner for the new timer, but the new timer would be available with the tuner just recording and the earlier timer could be recorded with the free tuner as well (time 2115 in my example), the recording service would "swap" the tuners (pass the already running recording to the other tuner and start the new timer with the freed tuner), with the possible (adjustable) overlap of let's say default one minute (i.e. start the second part/file on 2114 (or 2115), stop the first part/file on 2115 (or 2116) and at the same time start recording the new timer). Thanks
  21. I recently switched from the external scheduler (because tasks suddenly started failing to start, elthough they existed in Tasks folder in Windws) to the internal one and I found several issues: 1. If the tast is set to swith the computer to the standby/hibernation mode, the DVBViewer won't switch itself off (it is running after wakeup). 2. If I change the start time of a recurrent job to a later time (e.g. the TV station starts to broadcast a show an hour later), the DVBViewer will start itself at the original time upon next occurrence of the task (but it starts recording correctly at the set later time, i.e. it runs for an hour and only then starts to record at the new time). Both issues cause problems to me if I use the card with other TV viewing application as well and want to set up a task with it (e.g. I have to use the application shipped with my satellite card (Aver3D R889) for recording scrambled channels, because DVBViewer does not support its CI). 3. (not realted with the internal scheduler, but a general proposal) If a schedule a task, but the hardware is not available when the tasks starts (e.g. because I have disconnected the respective USB tuner), the DVBViewer starts as normally, but, of course, records nothing (zero-byte file) and that when the tasks ends it does not switch itself off. I suggest that in such case it displays the "No hardware available" warning as well. Moreover, it should not be OSD only, but as a separate window like in case of the "Timer shutdown" warning. Thanks.
  22. I am using DVBViewer and the recording service in place of my old broken freesat box and so far I am happy with the setup. Is it possible to get the osd recordings list to show series instead of individual recordings? The list gets very long very quickly. I have figured out how to get the recording service to record a series to a folder with the same name, but the osd still shows each and every recording.
  23. Hi zusammen, nutze die aktuellsten Version von DVBViewer Pro + Recoding Service + XBMC-Plugin PVR DVBViewer für die Wiedergabe in XBMC 12.0 ein. Alles funktioneirt soweit, allerdings habe ich in XBMC keine Timeshift Funktion. Wenn ich auf Pause drücke, passiert einfach nichts. Aufnahmen klappen aber ganz normal. Bei MediaPortal als Backend konnte ich auf Pause drücken, dann war die Timeshift Funktion aktiv. Habt Ihr evtl. Tipps für mich auf was ich achten muss, um Timeshift zum Laufen zu bekommen? Vielen Dank im Voraus 815rx1
  24. Hello, I have been troubleshooting some Photo viewing via UPnP and only thumbnails were shown instead of the full screen image. I have found it was caused by a typo in the uPnpProfilesV2.xml file. Particularly this part: <PhotoExtensions> <Ext name=".jpg"> <MediaFormat mime-type="image/jepg" special="" maxWidth="160" maxHeight="160">JPEG_TN</MediaFormat> As you can see the mime-type is not correct and contains a typo "jepg" instead of "jpeg". This causes a problem for some clients. Could you fix that typo in the following release? It has 4 occurrences and is simply fixed. Thank you, Jakub
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